Wet N Wild 2014 New Collection pt 1

The Wait is finally over Wet N Wild new permanent collection is starting to hit the mass market shelves. They will be discontinuing some old faves and ringing in the new year with a new look and new products to choose from. Want in on this Breaking Beauty News? Click Read More ~~


Beauty Feature of the Day: MUA Addiction

  When shopping around for lipsticks what are the main qualities that you look for? Pigmentation? Lasting Power? Matte, Glossy, Satin Finish, great range of shades, does it fan and feather? Buying a lipstick can be a little bit overbearing because you will not know how it's going to look once you put it on your lips and how the lasting power is going to be. Well I have found an amazing brand that has your back and your lips covered, You want in? Click Read More

Beauty Feature of the Day~ FDS

   Many of us women in our everyday lives use so many products to keep us clean and looking good from hair products, skin products, makeup the list goes on. Some of us tend to stray away from the taboo topics of products that we use and that is Feminine Hygiene products, well i have an amazing brand that I use and love! Want In? Click Read More To Find Out.


New Maybelline Master Glaze by Facestudio Review

 Don't you love when you see new display stands at the drugstore? I know I feel like a kid seeing a new toy and I have to have it! Well I saw an amazing display from Maybelline NY filled with brand new products from their Master Glaze by facestudio collection. So before I went craycray i just picked up one of their new Glaze blush sticks as well I have lots of pictures of their new collection take a peek you know you want to! Click Read more to read full post~~

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Now Sold In USA

Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Has finally hit the USA drugstore market! Click Read More To Full Post

Hidden Gem in the Drugstore

 I don't know about you all, but I am so excited for the Holidays but I wish the days would slow down! This year has flown by so fast, as we rear in the Holidays there are so many gift sets from the drugstore to highend retailers. You can find some really amazing gift sets with an amazing price point, but I found an amazing product that you can only find it this Holiday season, that came out of far west corner. You want to in on this little secret? Click Read More!

 Now many of you have probably seen this brand before "Profusion" wait wait don't run and hide for cover!!! You can see Profusion at the Dollar Tree and most drugstores. If you are like me, I gave them a chance a while ago and the product left a bad first impressions to be quite honest. Well! The other day while bopping my head to my tunes walking around Walgreens I saw that they had these cute palettes with 5 eyeshadows for $1.00 then I saw the name Profusion's name on the palette I almost didn't buy it because I automatically thought the palette was going to be a waste of my dollar. Well we all know "Don't judge a movie by it's sequel" These palettes blew me away and I have fallen madly in love with them.

This Palette was only $1.00 its worth way more than that! Here is why-

1. Great Pigmentation

2. 5 very good sized eyeshadows

3. The consistency is a little bit powdery but it's OK because remember its a $1.00

4. You can build up the color intensity or blend out to create a smooth and clean look.

5. Lasting power on your  eye look with or with a primer 8hrs.

6. A total of 6-8 Palettes of different range of shades which is perfect for everybody to choose the ones that fits their style.

1. These palettes are only being sold for the Holidays, so stock up like its Y 2k.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this review on these amazing Twinkle Twinkle palettes from Profusion, I will follow up with another review once I add more palettes to my collection. You can pick these up at any Walgreens I would hurry out quick before they sell out.

 Let me know if you have a Profusion product that you absolutely love, or if you have purchased one of these Twinkle Twinkle palettes.

 Remember Everyday is your Runway So you better work it doll! Thanks for reading until next time- XoXo Cyndi


Urban Decay Naked 3 Get it Now!

Hey Dolls the wait is over many people didn't know when the new Urban Decay Naked 3 was going to start hitting the shelves. Many believed that they would go on sale on Black Friday. But you can get Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 on the Urban Decay Website Now!

Fall Essentials

     Fall is in the Air....

That time of year has come where we have to put our brights and lights back into storage, and bring out our darker shades in our beauty products and fashion statements.  


sunshine award

 Sunshine Award What!!! I am super excited to receive the Sunshine Award. I was nominated by an amazing person inside and out who has a huge heart! I love her Tagline in her profile "Join me on my journey for feeling beautiful from the inside out. +Ashley Maria  is a super amazing blogger as well! Check her page out, you will be instantly hooked!


Maybelline's New Dr. Rescue Baby Lips

 It's a bird it's a plane! oh no it's DR. RESCUE BABY LIPS! Yes!!  the wait is finally over.  Empty shelves and "Coming Soon" displays are finally filled and packed to the brim with these brand new Maybelline New York Baby lips Dr. Rescue medicated lips balms has arrived.


Beauty Feature of the Day: Brazen Cosmetics


There are a million and one major cosmetic companies in the industry. Many of them are co-owned under bigger names example LancĂ´me is owner EM cosmetics, so we are more prone to purchase from brands that we know. Ever wandered out of the Major cosmetics industry and went and tried out an Indie Cosmetics line? Well you should! Today's Beauty Feature of the Day is Brazen cosmetics an Indie Cosmetic line.


Mineral Fusion Review Pt. 1

 If your a newbie to wearing makeup or a pro there are many different types and forms of cosmetics out being sold on the market. Makeup comes in many different shapes and sizes as well as formulations. You have your "Traditional Cosmetic" and you have your "Mineral Cosmetic" There are many differences between the two formulations of these cosmetic categories. I have tried different brands of Mineral based cosmetics for an example Bare Mineral,  but I recently was given the amazing opportunity to try out Mineral Fusion. * To Read full Review click to read more**


A Big Thank You

Hey Dolls, I am back from my little bloggy vacation and I am in full swing. Thank You to those who shown me so much love and support from the last my last post Am I a Women? I shared with the world a personal struggle and one of my many recent health diagnosis. I have been building up anger and some depression over everything then I have been going through this past year. ** To Read full Article Click Below***


I am not a Women?

Think back to your  younger years and what was the first thing that comes to mind on what you wanted to do when you got older? You wanted to be married have a gorgeous wedding, a great husband, great home with a white picket fence, and  especially have  children . Some of us want to be mothers more than anything in the world. But what happens when we are faced with something that will prevent us from accomplishing our dreams and fantasies that every women wants.


Get Clean and Fresh with La Fresh

Hello Beauty Lovers I hope and pray that you are having a Beautiful  Day! When it's that time after a long day from work or school  it feels like heaven when you can change into your comfy clothes and wash the day away for a great clean feeling. I love taking showers and baths but I mostly love when I wash my face and do my skin care routine because I love the clean and fresh feeling on my face. Before I can get into my skin care regiment I always use makeup wipes, I have fallen in love with La Fresh's makeup remover wipes.
 ( Please hit continue for full article)

     If your a beauty subscription subscriber then you probably have had the chance to try out La Fresh. They have amazing products that are biodegradable that will not harm our beautiful mother nature. They have products that range from makeup remover wipes, antiperspirant wipes for the Doll on the Go, Mosquito repellent, facial cleansing wipes, nail polish remover, and Studs and Divas line for your canine friends.

La Fresh was so kind enough to send me one of their makeup remover wipes from their Eco-beauty line to tryout and review.

Here Is What La Fresh States About this products:
Winner of 2012 Prevention Magazine Celebrate Your Beauty Awards. Voted the Best Makeup Remover!Bye-bye waterproof color and all those other greasy makeup removers. Hello sparkling clean eyes & lips in an instant. La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® wipes refresh & nourish the delicate eye & lip area with a luscious 6-oil blend of Olive, Jojoba, Sesame, Grapeseed, Vitamin E and Lavender. So effortless, there's no pulling or tugging to cause irritation.This skin-loving, fresh water-conserving product is free of parabens, sulfates, triclosan, dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrances & animal byproducts
  Now I tried this product for the past couple of weeks and I have shared them with my mom so she can let me know what she felt on the product. I do not have sensitive skin but some products will irritate my skin and my mother has sensitive skin and 90% products irritate hers so I definitely wanted her to try this out. I have tried this product with light makeup as well with my heavy duty waterproof makeup. Normally with different brands I have to use up to 3 wipes to remove all my makeup. I noticed with these wipes each removal I only used one individual packet. Which to me is a huge plus because the less I use the more I can save without having to run to the store every 4 days to pickup a refill of wipes. The scent isn't over powering, while your removing your makeup,  your also nourishing and conditioning your skin. Which you know for me that is a huge plus I love  killing 2 birds with one stone, I love products that are multitasking.

Mom's final results: Sensitive skin sensitive skin I can not stress that point across. This product deserves a A++++ she used this product for a few days straight and there was no sign of  irritation which was surprising. She would have had a break out or rash on her face with some of the other skin care products, with that first initial use.

Final Grade: A
Price Point: $2.99 and UP
I definitely will purchase more from
Let me know if you Dolls have ever tried La Fresh and which product did you like or want to try out. I really want to get the Studs and Divas to use on my cat buffy I am pretty sure it could work on her lol!
Remember everyday is your Runway so you better work it dolls!

Back To School/ College Inexpensive Survival Beauty Kit 101

  Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you are all having a Fabulous day! I know summer is coming to a close, we have to hang up our bathing suits for the summer, as well as putting away our summer clothes in drawers left to be untouched for another full year. Now, I don't know about you Dolls but I am super excited for school to start. Buying school supplies, new clothes, new makeup!, gets me really excited, I sometimes like that part better than going to school. I wanted to share with you all you Dolls  my idea that would be a great School/ College Beauty Survival Kit that will help you get through some of those long drawn out days. ( Click Down Below for full Article)


In loving Memory of Glossybox

On July 31,2013 at 11:59 p.m. My  Dearly Beloved Glossybox had it's last opening. The dim light of pink and black royalty stamps quickly faded away into  the fog on a cold summer  night in Cleveland, OH Glossybox has had its up's and downs. Let me bow my head in silence and remember my dear ol' Glossybox.



New Bloggers First World Problems

Hello Dolls I hope and pray that you all are having a Beautiful Day, this day has never been used so enjoy it. Are you a new blogger do you have that burning passion and desire to achieve your personal goals. Do you ever stop and think when your reading someones blog or watching their video that has  15,000 views and the content was lacking and that burning passion isn't there?  You immediately start to think "hey I have the desire how come I am not there yet, or when will anyone really ever take my blog seriously?" Being a New Blogger is tough, we all  have first world problems ( Hit Continue To Read For Full Article)            


Lip Obsessions 01

  Hello Dolls, I hope and pray that you are all having a Glamorous Day! Here on Cdel Beauty there will be a new collection of reviews of products that I am Obsessing over, so to kick start this new series I want to share with you one of my lip obsessions from Ageless Derma.
(Click Down To Continue Reading)


I am having an Affair Pt.2

Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you are having an Amazing Day. Now, it's that time again where I share my deepest secret and my infidelities, I know I can trust you and I know you won't judge. I am so happy to finally introduce you to my new lover----



Buy it or Leave It: Jesse's Girl Eye Color Collection

Hey There Beautiful People, I hope and pray that you are having a blessed day! Today on Buy it or Leave it, is an eyeshadow palette from Jesse's Girl collection.



I am having an Affair Part #1

 Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you are having an amazing day when you read this, I feel so dirty in telling you this secret but you have to promise you wont tell my love, I have been cheating on them. I can not keep this secret bottled up inside any longer, and you are the perfect Dolls to tell----


Limited Edition Wet N Wild Pop Color Icons

Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you all are having a great kick start to your week! I don't know about you guys but Mondays for me are dreadful. Actually this Monday has been a great one so far, for the first time I was not running late and racing to work, that I actually was on time and better yet early for work. So to kill some time  I decided to stop in  at my local Rite Aid and sure enough on a bottom shelf left untouched, and unwanted  was  the new Wet N Wild limited edition Pop Color Icons right in front of me. I was a 100% sure I would never get my hands on these, and hunny let me tell you I was able to purchase the whole collection!





Brand New Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks and Giveaway

Hey Dolls I wanted to let you loves know that I am doing a first impressions video and blog about the New Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks that I purchased. My Sephora hadn't put them out for sale yet, but! My friends at Sephora Knew I have been dying to get my hands on them and whalla! There is also a great surprise! I am going to be doing a GIVEAWAY. One lucky winner will win one of these amazing lipsticks and a goodie bag from one of my Top 3 posts . All the details and rules will be posted up this week on my blog and channel so keep your eyes peeled! As well as my Top 3 tag posts! I hope your having an amazing weekend. XoXo C


Buy it Or Leave It- Milani Liquid Eye

Hello Dolls and Gents I hope and pray that you all are having an Amazing Day. So Amigos I wanted to share with you guys a product that I just picked up and that is the Milani Liquid Eye *liquid-like eye liner pencil*  I will be sharing with you at the end if I think if this product is a "Buy it or Leave it" Take a quick second to guess, keep reading to see if you were RIGHT!!!!


New Loreal Paris 12hr Infallible "The Super Slim"Liquid Eyeliner

Hello Darlings, I hope and pray that you all are having a blessed weekend! I know we face trials and tribulations though out our days, but we will get to that next breath, God is on our side. I wanted to share a review on a new product with you all Lovely Dolls and Gents.  So many Cosmetic Companies are adding new collections to summer of 2013, or they are just adding add-ons to a current collection that has been out on the market for sometime now, So lately I have been seeing a new commercial for the Loreal Paris 12hr infallible "The Super Slim" Liquid Eyeliner, and of course I ran to the Drugstore A.S.A.P. 

Budget Beauty Tip of the Day : How to Grow your Makeup Collection Without Spending a DIME

Hey Darlings, I hope and pray that your day is going wonderfully. I wanted to share with you all, how I have been growing my Beauty Collection with  out spending a Dime. You will literally believe in Santa Claus again after I share my Budget Beauty Tip of the day!


Budget Beauty Tip #102

Hey Dolls, I hope and pray that you loves are doing freaking amazing! So I have a Budget Beauty Tip 101. That is sign up to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month, monthly beauty subscription service. You can cancel at any time, and it will be delivered to your door. I have been with Ipsy for the past 3 months and my makeup collection has grown quite a bit. You get to try new products from different brands, and you pretty much get FULL SIZE PRODUCTS about 90% of the time.

 Here is a link to Ipsy for you to use to sign up, you will not regret it. Hope you have an amazing weekend xoxo C

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here:

Friday Favorites for July 12, 2013

 Hey Darlings and Gents I hope and pray that you all are having an Amazing day. The Weekend is here, and the days went quick. It's that time for us to kick off our shoes and rest up.  We have so many outfits and makeup products stuffing out of our dressers and ohh so little time to wear them all. I will be sharing my favs and dumps for this week, that I was away on vacation.

New Maybelline Color Tatoo Pure Pigments and Color Sensation Review.

   Hello Darlings and Gents, I pray that you guys are doing ooh so gorgeous over there! I was at a couple of places this past weekend, and I saw this new displays at Walmart, CVS and Drugmart. Some companies are adding new shades to their collections, or new collections.



Hey Dolls and Gents, I hope and pray that you are doing AMAZEBALLS sitting all oohhh so gorgeous over there. Ok, if you not aware of my Services Review of my recent visit to Ulta read my part one of to catch up.

I thought long and hard about contacting Ulta about my experience, due to the simple fact, that job is that Stylist's bread and butter.


Girl Save Your Money Don't Go To Ulta

OK, so this is a Review on my services I have received today from Ulta. Now as many of you know Ulta has both Prestigious Cosmetics and Drugstore cosmetics. I recently purchased a Benefit Cosmetics Stay flawless powder foundation, at one of my Ulta locations by my work. I have been applying this product in many different techniques, different brushes ect.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hey Darlings and Gents I hope and pray you all are doing awesome sitting all ohh so gorgeous over there!! You know can follow me on BlogLovin, there is a widget there where you can keep track of my latest posts. xoxo C


Do you want Tea to go with those Bags under your eyes??

Yes the title says it All, I have major dark circles and bags under my eyes. I have tried everything from Highend to Drugstore, which gets me at a lowend, lol. I have watched hours on end on youtube what others thought is a great concealer, stopped in at Sephora and Ulta. Bought what they have recommended and always, always I am very disappointed in the product. I have tried different combos, I tried DIY, by mixing a few in a little jar, different techniques. So I am going to document my journey to find that perfect concealers and review the ones I have been using that didn't work as I would have liked it.


Budget Beauty Tip 101

Hey Everyone I hope and pray that you Darlings are doing Fabulous! So today's Budget Beauty Tip 101 in Growing your makeup collection on a budget is........ Subscribing to a Beauty Subscription Box Service. There are many beauty boxes out there they range from $10-12 dollars and some are $21 or higher. I suggest on sitting down and in your  budget diary ( I will go into a budget diary in a next blog) or where ever you keep track of your credits and debits. See exactly what price point you can afford month to month on a box. Now majority of boxes you can do month to month and if there is a month you can not afford it you can either opt out for that month, or unsubscribe for that month. Now opting out and unsubscribe is different for each company. So it's important to see what their policy states on that matter. Each box is a little bit different but for the most part, you will get 4-5 deluxe sized samples or some full sized products.

   Once you figured out the figure you can add into your budget, pick the Beauty Subscription service that fits right into your budget. Once you figured that out, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest for you to do your research on the boxes that your thinking to subscribe too. Go to Youtube and type in the company's name and unboxing, unbagging, ect. See past months or present months. Read blogs of the unboxings. Now don't take into consideration the expression of the person, screaming "oooh yess, ooohhh yess" or the person who says "REALLY, I HATE THIS REALLY!".

         Yes, you want to see what others are feeling of the unboxing, but look at the products and brands. Ask yourself are these products or brands that I would love to try, or have used. Find the "Box" that's going to suit you. Because what's going to work for someone may not for you and vice versa. So you want to find the one you think you would be most happy with. Yes you are not going to love all the products, buts its also very fun to try New products from brands you never even heard of.

            So I am subby to Ipsy which is $10 and Glossybox is $21 they are both month to month. I have been with both boxes for about 4 months now, and my makeup collection has grown a lot just with the 2 boxes. Ipsy is great because its cheap and a lot of the times your getting literally 5 full sized products. Ever since I have become a member I have had 90% full sized products. Last month's Ipsy's Spring Fling Bag totaled out to $68.89 and you only pay $10 its amazing!.

              So I hope you luvs found this Budget Beauty Tip 101 helpful. Let me know if you have any questions, and Thank You for Your Time.

                          XOXO--- C 


Girl Don't Stress it will cause you Wrinkles!

Stress will cause you wrinkles

Hello Darlings, and Gents I hope and pray that you guys are all doing very well. As Ephesians 4:26-27 Reads. "In your anger do not sin, Do no let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold."

               So true, I was going to write a review about some affordable prices, and products. But today I had a really tough day. I was put in a situation that really shook me to the core. I am a slow pot cooker, you know when your making a stew and you put it in the cooker, and it boils and boils and it lets out that steam to let you know when its ready. I am that type of person, If my buttons are being pushed, I hold it, hold it in, until my cap lets that steam out and it's all going down like Downtown Julie Brown. I am SO sick of people who think since I am in a situation that I can't freely speak my mind, they think they can walk all over me. I used to be that person who will battle it out with words and fists. But I am not that person anymore, especially after being saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, by being Adopted by  the King of All Kings my God. I am not that Ruthless person anymore. I look at my life how it was before I was saved, and I can see Now God's presence there even when I had my eyes closed, and my ears deaf. He waited and called me, and my life has had such a great change in myself and as well as my whole family's life But. I am only human, and things are going to get me down or bother me. But i need to work on going God about first and praying. Today i just went off, after this person just went about something the wrong way. I am more mad at myself for letting that put me in that type of Anger, and Stress.

              When we are all put in a situation that doesn't please us right away we want to act on it, and get that person. If its either saying harsh words, fighting, ect. We want them to hurt as much as they made us hurt. But that's not the right way to go about it. We need to Stop the Stress and Anger that comes along with that feeling. And kill them with kindness, no matter what,  that person can't take charge of Your Life, and Take that much of your Time and Energy. it's not worth it, and it is not what God would want us to do. Just let it in, and don't let it out. Because if you do they have that Power over you, and you can't let them. God is the only one who can have that Power, no one else. If you ever get in that type of position remove yourself from that situation, and Pray. Talk to God, He and only Him  is the only  person who Judges us. He has our life planned, He is Before Us, Behind Us, and Beside Us. God might not be on time but HE will never be late. And God will get you through that situation and many more to come.

                    Thanks for Reading and letting me get that off my chest. I will see your next time.

                      XOXO- C


Budget Beauty 01. Week Ending of June 9, 2013


  Hello Darlings and Gents, I hope and Pray that You are doing great, This is the first of many segments, of my Budget Beauty series. This week  ending on June 9, 2013 I had a budget of $15 dollars that figure had to include the sales tax on every item or transaction spent. I actually was under budget by $2.00. I stopped at my local Dollar Tree near my work, one day before I had to start my shift because I had to pick up a card for a coworker. I saw that this Dollar Tree had a couple of Milani Products. Now you can find Milani at locations like Walmart,, Cvs, Target, ect. Their  cosmetics price range from $4.00 up to $12.00 an average price. I saw two Milani Lipsticks in 3 different shades, 1 lip gloss in one shade of deep purple, and 2 single eyeshadow one in a peachy pink and a deep set purple. The other items didn't catch my attention even though the price was out of this world, but the single eyeshadow in a peachy pink did. This single Eyeshadow is the Milani 08A Peachy Peach and its amazing. It's Highly pigmented, great staying power, and very easy to blend in and work with. It has a consistency like a velvety satin type. I have used it with out a primer and the color payoff was amazing. So a great buy for a dollar if you can find these Get IT because you will love the color of this product I think it will look great on all different types of skin tones.

   Now, this next product that I purchased I was completely excited about, and it was a major let down. CVS has a clearance sale going on between 50%-75% off which is a drug to some of us Drugstore Lovers!! I came across the Revlon PhotoReady Trio Face Kit in 001 Pink Rose. In this kit you have your Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer. The sale final price came out to $2.87. I have been looking for a lighter pinkish blush and when I saw that Revlon was on 75% off, I thought great price and great product. When I opened it at home and swatched the 3 colors there was no color payoff at all. You can swatch and swatch really hard pick up some pigments, but when you apply it for the swatch you barley see it, and it rubbed right off  leaving nothing but sparkles and shimmer. The highlighter is the only one that comes out more pigmented but it has a chalky consistency when applied for swatch it rubs right off.

 Total Spent $4.00 Budget was $15.00 Total Amount Left $11.00 On the Next Blog Post I will show you the remaining products, I was super excited for the Revlon that purchase was a fail for me, but there are a few more products that I am excited to show you guys that are a great affordable price that can fit into your budget. .  Until Next Time, xoxo C


Great Budget Beauty Finds For week ending 6/9/2013

Hello Darlings and Gents, I hope and pray that your kick off to the week was at a great start! I am starting out a new series of videos on my youtube channel called Budget Beauty and each week I am going to set a $10-$15 dollar budget for the week, that is including the sales tax, I can't go over my budget with the sales tax ( that always gets me) I will be showing the Great Affordable prices and great product finds, as well as the great prices but the not so great products. Now I know there is a million and one youtube channels that have "drugstore" great products, dupes, empties videos, ect. But I have come to the realization that sometimes these people will push a product and the product isn't that great. I have noticed a particular person that I just watched and watched for hours on end, and I can see the change in that person starting to happen. They get all caught up in the glitzs and glams of it all. But really they are not helping people who are truly on a budget. I have always been running out and buying that product that person or persons have said. And more that half the time ya, I have found some great products, and most of the times "NO" I would go to Sephora and spend $100 here a $100 there and I would be like really this product isn't all that big of a deal. So I am at a point and a mission to show people the great finds and products and to show my journey on budgeting my Money properly and growing my makeup collection. And hopefully I can show you a trick or to on how to budget your money, and maybe you can show me yours because we are soo ever learning new things every day. I thank you for your time, and if you want to subscribe to my channel or view it you can find me by the search bar in youtube by my email and its I hope and pray you guys have a great day. xoxo C

P.S. God Made You Perfect in His Image