New Bloggers First World Problems

Hello Dolls I hope and pray that you all are having a Beautiful Day, this day has never been used so enjoy it. Are you a new blogger do you have that burning passion and desire to achieve your personal goals. Do you ever stop and think when your reading someones blog or watching their video that has  15,000 views and the content was lacking and that burning passion isn't there?  You immediately start to think "hey I have the desire how come I am not there yet, or when will anyone really ever take my blog seriously?" Being a New Blogger is tough, we all  have first world problems ( Hit Continue To Read For Full Article)            

   Take a second and think why did you start blogging in the first place? Ask yourself what made me want to go on a camera talk to myself for 2hrs and upload for the world to see? Or go out and spend xx amount of dollars on products to review? Or did you see other "Beauty Gurus" "Beauty Bloggers" etc, get sent awesome amazing products from these huge companies for free, and your like " I want to be that girl/boy!!"
 I know for myself I turned to beauty products when I was at my lowest, I am 28 years old and my body was starting to break down a few years ago, I can not perform simple tasks that I used to. I sunk into a deep depression when I felt my world was crashing down, even before then  I used to never want to wear makeup, I just didn't care.
 Then the last time I was able to spend with my grandma before she passed away,  she purchased me my very first makeup bag. In that bag there was a lot of NYX products, Loreal, Pixi, Maybelline and the bag was too cute all my favorite colors were on a bohemian type print. At first I would only use the lip gloss, then I would sit with my sister's while they did there makeup and little by little I would start to do my GLAM ON!!! I fell in love with it! 

  Everything about taking care of my skin to making sure my pretty toes look nice every day started to take me out of that depression I slipped into. Even though I feel at times I am a broken down used car that Kelly Blue Book wouldn't even rate me to have a price point beauty products helped me feel like  " a whole WOMEN" again.

 Now, having that desire I started to blog and review products on youtube. I noticed a lot of the Power Houses who team up try to take over YOU Tube, their content is lacking that burning desire has simmered away. I feel that they are just pushing out these videos just to cash in that You Tube money. Then when people who are like you and myself who have great talent if it is on the camera who behind a blog we can't seem to step out of their shadows. We all want a piece of that "Fame" for different reasons if its to get that recognition on a great job on your work, to receiving lavish gifts from companies, or to get that money hunny, we all want to be recognized. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and major dedication.

 We all want instant gratification in today's world we live lives that are fast paced. Some times being that turtle in the children's story  The Tortoise and the Hare by  pacing yourself will always win the race. Your name is your Brand you want your Brand to succeed but always stay true to yourself and humble in your ways. You just might be that next "Guru, or the most followed." Set reasonable goals for your  blog or vlogg talk about  the topics you have the most passion and information on. Always set a side of time each day to network with the people who comment or subscribe to your channel. Thank Them for not just being a follower or subby but as a believer in you and your brand. Don't try to be the next Michelle Phan or Emily Noel aim to be you, find your ground and stay put and stick a flag and say its your territory because  , God has our plans in his hands, He will set you up for your timing.

Let me know what your thoughts and feelings on being a new blogger or vlogger. Why did you start?

Remember Every Day Is Your Runway, You Better Work It Dolls! Until next time. XoXo-- C

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