Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner Review

Bioderma which is now being sold in Beautylish in the USA is famously known for their award winning micellar water that comes in a variety of formulas that aims towards the different skin types that are out there. But their micellar water that is made with cutting edge technology, biologist created and dermatologist approved does not stop there. They also have their Sebium Pore Refiner "Corrective Care for Enlarged Pores". This product is geared to smoothing out your skin, refining your pore size, and acts as a primer to your foundation. You get instant results and if you incorporate this into your everyday skincare routine you will get long term results as well. Making this product a Perfect gift to give to yourself all year round or to someone special this Holiday Season.

Editor Press Samples: I have been using this product for 3 weeks straight like I do with every other skincare product that I am testing and let me tell you dolls hands down this skincare product has been a major staple in my skincare and makeup routine.

Before I begin  I want to give you dolls a small back ground of my skin concerns/ issues.

  • Combination Skin: Oily T-Zone, Some Oiliness on the tops of my cheeks, Dry under eyes, and Dry patches through out my skin.
  • Acne Prone Skin
  • Dark Spots
  • Hyper Pigmentation 
I have a love hate relationship with my skin and I am always on the hunt for key skincare products to target and neutralize my problematic features and help aide the application/lasting power of my makeup.

Well Bioderma's Sebium Pore Refiner checks off a few key issues I have with my skin and helps with the makeup aspect of things as well. 

The Pore Refiner's performance is so true in all the claims. That I find it so astonishing that it really does perform to the T on what Bioderma states. I like to call this my "Magic Potion Number 9" don't you love my pet names for my skincare and makeup products lol. 

The packaging is a white squeeze tube with an eye dropper type of top that dispenses the right amount of product with one squeeze. The texture and consistency to me is a combination of gel and a light weight cream. It is not creamy or thick that when you spread the product during application you are going to see the product streaking all over your face until it melts from the warmth of your hands, and sometimes skincare products that tend to be of that texture and consistency sit on top of the epidermis instead of seeping into the dermis layer of your skin for maximum benefits and results. 
 When gel based products like the Pore Refiner is applied to your skin it seeps into the dermis layer which is much more beneficial for instant and long term effects. But! at times that is a catch 22 you will be more prone to having clogged pores that leads to your skin getting mad at you and starts to break out.

With this your skin will not break out due to the fact that it allows your skin to still breath and doesn't have that added junk that only covers and masks your skin problems for that instant gratification. 
Yes! you will get instant results but the long term effects are highly beneficial for your skin. 

How to use:
Wash your face with your normal cleanser or use Bioderma's micellar water.
Apply your toner if you use one, under eye cream.  Then you either can either apply the product all over your face or you can use this in targeted areas like your T-zone to mattify and minimize the appearance of your pores. 
The Pore Refiner is not only a skincare product but also works as a makeup product by performing as a base to your foundation. That's where the slight tackiness comes in, because your foundation will cling to the Pore Refiner for longer wear time while mattifying the oily areas on your skin without striping the natural oils, reduces and tightens your pores and on top of all of that your foundation will not look splotchy or uneven it will have a smoother look and feel to it. If your a huge huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional think of that product but a million times better for the instant and long term effects. 

Over the past 3 and half weeks of using the Pore Refiner twice daily  my skin feels like  Stella Got Her Groove Back. I am extremely surprised that I have not broken out even once from this product typically with pore refining products either if it's skincare or makeup I always break out if I use the product daily and that's only using the product 1 time a day. So to clear all that gunk from those products I would have to use Glam Glow or any other facial masks/treatment  that will suck up the junk not only from the epidermis layer but also from the dermis layer of my skin.

With this product I have not which is awesome because it's less time consuming and less frustrating when my skin is going all hay wire on me. Beauty is pain I used to remind myself. NOT so much anymore! Plus I simply love the fact that it works as a skincare and makeup product all at once that leads to me knocking out other products from my beauty routine. I honestly do not have a con with this product I wish it would last me longer because I am going through it so quickly. 

If you live in the USA you can finally purchase Bioderma at Beautylish and if you want more product and purchase information just click on the link below to check it out the other amazing products that Bioderma has to offer.

As always Thank You so much for stopping by and always remember!:
"Everyday Is Your Runway So You Better Work It"
xoxo- Cynthia 

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