Buy it or Leave It: Jesse's Girl Eye Color Collection

Hey There Beautiful People, I hope and pray that you are having a blessed day! Today on Buy it or Leave it, is an eyeshadow palette from Jesse's Girl collection.


 So I picked up this Jesse's  Girl eye palette last week at Rite Aid, I have heard of this brand in the past but I just never took the time to look for it. When I saw the display it was kinda empty a few eye liners, lip liners, baked eyeshadows, and 3 eyeshadow palettes. I picked up the one that had more pastel colors. There was one palette with nude colors, and the other one had your green shades. I have a million in one nude palettes so I figured I switched it up a bit.

 Price of the this product is $3.99 there are a total of  9 shades that range from your white shade for your highlight or for your inner corners of your eyes to a deeper purple for your crease or definer.
You get a great amount of product for the price that you pay, the texture of these eyeshadows are soft and velvety. They are not matte shades, they have a little bit of a sheen to them. Each shade in this palette has great pigmentation. Which is a plus because there are a lot of palettes out there in the market that are from drugstore to high end and there is always at least 2 shades that are not as great of a  quality as the rest. You can use them with or without a primer as well wet or dry. Main thing is that they are easy to build up the color as well as blend out.

Cons: No where on the packaging states the name to this specific palette as well as the names to the eyeshadows.
Buy it or Leave it?? :
Well I am at a toss yes it is a good palette it does have great pigmentation very easy to work with to create that look your trying to achieve. But if you have a lot of makeup in your collection then you are probably going to have some of the shades that are already in this palette. So that being said its a Twofer. Buy it or Leave It I will let you decide.
Let me know if you have tried Jesse's Girl before and if there is a product recommendation let me know I would love to venture out and try new brands and products.
Remember Everyday is your Runaway so you better work it Doll!  I will see you next time XoXo-C

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