Hidden Gem in the Drugstore

 I don't know about you all, but I am so excited for the Holidays but I wish the days would slow down! This year has flown by so fast, as we rear in the Holidays there are so many gift sets from the drugstore to highend retailers. You can find some really amazing gift sets with an amazing price point, but I found an amazing product that you can only find it this Holiday season, that came out of far west corner. You want to in on this little secret? Click Read More!

 Now many of you have probably seen this brand before "Profusion" wait wait don't run and hide for cover!!! You can see Profusion at the Dollar Tree and most drugstores. If you are like me, I gave them a chance a while ago and the product left a bad first impressions to be quite honest. Well! The other day while bopping my head to my tunes walking around Walgreens I saw that they had these cute palettes with 5 eyeshadows for $1.00 then I saw the name Profusion's name on the palette I almost didn't buy it because I automatically thought the palette was going to be a waste of my dollar. Well we all know "Don't judge a movie by it's sequel" These palettes blew me away and I have fallen madly in love with them.

This Palette was only $1.00 its worth way more than that! Here is why-

1. Great Pigmentation

2. 5 very good sized eyeshadows

3. The consistency is a little bit powdery but it's OK because remember its a $1.00

4. You can build up the color intensity or blend out to create a smooth and clean look.

5. Lasting power on your  eye look with or with a primer 8hrs.

6. A total of 6-8 Palettes of different range of shades which is perfect for everybody to choose the ones that fits their style.

1. These palettes are only being sold for the Holidays, so stock up like its Y 2k.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this review on these amazing Twinkle Twinkle palettes from Profusion, I will follow up with another review once I add more palettes to my collection. You can pick these up at any Walgreens I would hurry out quick before they sell out.

 Let me know if you have a Profusion product that you absolutely love, or if you have purchased one of these Twinkle Twinkle palettes.

 Remember Everyday is your Runway So you better work it doll! Thanks for reading until next time- XoXo Cyndi


Urban Decay Naked 3 Get it Now!

Hey Dolls the wait is over many people didn't know when the new Urban Decay Naked 3 was going to start hitting the shelves. Many believed that they would go on sale on Black Friday. But you can get Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 on the Urban Decay Website Now! http://www.urbandecay.com/urban-decay/eye-makeup/naked3/409.html