Maybelline Limited Edition Master Glaze Blush Stick Review

Maybelline New York recently came out with their new Master Glaze Blush sticks that hit the drugstores in late 2013 which in my opinion were a huge hit, now they have blessed us with a few limited edition shades to fit the current makeup trend. Click Read More for full review


Minute Review~ Burt's Bees Skincare

As far back as I can remember Burt's Bees was mostly lip care products, but I have noticed that they have been stepping up with the skincare products. They have released a new collection of skincare that covers from facial cleansers to baby skin care products. There is a great selection of products to choose from, I recently picked up their Coconut Foot Cream On this one minute review do you think is it a buy or leave it product? Click Read More For Full Review:


Face Stockholm Review

Press Sample~  Face Stockholm is a Swedish based cosmetic company that started in 1980's in a little boutique now they are a world wide cosmetic brand. In this fast paced lifestyle that we all live in, we tend to not have that one on one contact with people to often. Face Stockholm loves having that intimate one on one time with their clients when applying their makeup and show casing Women's true beauty. Their boutiques and their cosmetic line is clean, trendy, and delivers high quality products. I have 2 amazing products that I want to share with you that have changed my life! Click Read More For Full Review~~


Beauty Feature~ Mally Beauty

Press Sample- Mally Roncal is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked on all our favorite celebrities, she has been on the front lines of applying makeup on others and she  knows what the client and consumer needs to complete a look or what they need to add in their makeup routine. Mally has created her own cosmetics line where she has used cutting edge technology from over seas to products that are multi-functioning. She has an amazing personality and an infectious smile and today's beauty feature of the day is on Mally Beauty.


Starlooks Beauty Box Review Feb 2014

Starlooks is a makeup company that offers their own beauty subscription service. For $15.00 a month you receive 3-4 full size products that will retail value over the price that you paid for. If you are a person who wants to get a subscription service that is geared to mostly makeup then Starbox is the beauty subscription you should consider. All products from StarLooks is Pro-Quality which is great because you will be getting your money back and then some with the value and performance of each product. Here are the products that I                                                                             received in my Feb 2014 Starbox.


Blush Mystery Beauty Box Feb 2014

Press Sample~ Hey Dolls, if you are a beauty fanatic and your always looking to try out more brands then a beauty subscription is the way to go. You have different types of beauty subscription services that range in many different services to a subscription that is more geared for makeup, or skincare, or both. There is a different subscription to suit your personal needs. With some you take an intensive questionnaires to your likes and dislikes, and others are a more general and everybody gets the same thing. The beauty subscription service I am going to share with you today is Blush Mystery Beauty Box Click Read More For Full Review~


Wet N Wild The Award Goes To Limited Edition Palettes 2014

Wet N Wild has been coming out with a lot of new products to their permanent line, in my opinion their new collection had so much potential. They changed the formula and added argan oil, so basically your skin is being treated while you wear their products. O.K. that's fine on lip and skin products but not on EYE SHADOWS! Well after I found out that they were coming out with their new Spring 2014 Limited Edition palettes from their collection The Award Goes To.... I had mix feelings that,  I really wanted it in my life but at the same time I felt like I was going to be disappointed like a child finding out Santa wasn't real. But Dolls let me tell you I was so wrong! Click Read More For Full Review~


Beauty Feature~ Mommy Makeup

Mommy Makeup was started by Award-winning makeup artist and New York City Mom, Debra Rubin-Roberts, which was   created  to simplify the busy woman's daily beauty routine. Her products have the most cutest packaging and the products are so multi-functional that if your a mommy on the rush, or just a busy women and you can't take x amount of time to get your glam on, Mommy Makeup has made products to simplify your day.