I am not a Women?

Think back to your  younger years and what was the first thing that comes to mind on what you wanted to do when you got older? You wanted to be married have a gorgeous wedding, a great husband, great home with a white picket fence, and  especially have  children . Some of us want to be mothers more than anything in the world. But what happens when we are faced with something that will prevent us from accomplishing our dreams and fantasies that every women wants.


Get Clean and Fresh with La Fresh

Hello Beauty Lovers I hope and pray that you are having a Beautiful  Day! When it's that time after a long day from work or school  it feels like heaven when you can change into your comfy clothes and wash the day away for a great clean feeling. I love taking showers and baths but I mostly love when I wash my face and do my skin care routine because I love the clean and fresh feeling on my face. Before I can get into my skin care regiment I always use makeup wipes, I have fallen in love with La Fresh's makeup remover wipes.
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     If your a beauty subscription subscriber then you probably have had the chance to try out La Fresh. They have amazing products that are biodegradable that will not harm our beautiful mother nature. They have products that range from makeup remover wipes, antiperspirant wipes for the Doll on the Go, Mosquito repellent, facial cleansing wipes, nail polish remover, and Studs and Divas line for your canine friends.

La Fresh was so kind enough to send me one of their makeup remover wipes from their Eco-beauty line to tryout and review.

Here Is What La Fresh States About this products:
Winner of 2012 Prevention Magazine Celebrate Your Beauty Awards. Voted the Best Makeup Remover!Bye-bye waterproof color and all those other greasy makeup removers. Hello sparkling clean eyes & lips in an instant. La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® wipes refresh & nourish the delicate eye & lip area with a luscious 6-oil blend of Olive, Jojoba, Sesame, Grapeseed, Vitamin E and Lavender. So effortless, there's no pulling or tugging to cause irritation.This skin-loving, fresh water-conserving product is free of parabens, sulfates, triclosan, dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrances & animal byproducts
  Now I tried this product for the past couple of weeks and I have shared them with my mom so she can let me know what she felt on the product. I do not have sensitive skin but some products will irritate my skin and my mother has sensitive skin and 90% products irritate hers so I definitely wanted her to try this out. I have tried this product with light makeup as well with my heavy duty waterproof makeup. Normally with different brands I have to use up to 3 wipes to remove all my makeup. I noticed with these wipes each removal I only used one individual packet. Which to me is a huge plus because the less I use the more I can save without having to run to the store every 4 days to pickup a refill of wipes. The scent isn't over powering, while your removing your makeup,  your also nourishing and conditioning your skin. Which you know for me that is a huge plus I love  killing 2 birds with one stone, I love products that are multitasking.

Mom's final results: Sensitive skin sensitive skin I can not stress that point across. This product deserves a A++++ she used this product for a few days straight and there was no sign of  irritation which was surprising. She would have had a break out or rash on her face with some of the other skin care products, with that first initial use.

Final Grade: A
Price Point: $2.99 and UP
I definitely will purchase more from
Let me know if you Dolls have ever tried La Fresh and which product did you like or want to try out. I really want to get the Studs and Divas to use on my cat buffy I am pretty sure it could work on her lol!
Remember everyday is your Runway so you better work it dolls!

Back To School/ College Inexpensive Survival Beauty Kit 101

  Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you are all having a Fabulous day! I know summer is coming to a close, we have to hang up our bathing suits for the summer, as well as putting away our summer clothes in drawers left to be untouched for another full year. Now, I don't know about you Dolls but I am super excited for school to start. Buying school supplies, new clothes, new makeup!, gets me really excited, I sometimes like that part better than going to school. I wanted to share with you all you Dolls  my idea that would be a great School/ College Beauty Survival Kit that will help you get through some of those long drawn out days. ( Click Down Below for full Article)


In loving Memory of Glossybox

On July 31,2013 at 11:59 p.m. My  Dearly Beloved Glossybox had it's last opening. The dim light of pink and black royalty stamps quickly faded away into  the fog on a cold summer  night in Cleveland, OH Glossybox has had its up's and downs. Let me bow my head in silence and remember my dear ol' Glossybox.



New Bloggers First World Problems

Hello Dolls I hope and pray that you all are having a Beautiful Day, this day has never been used so enjoy it. Are you a new blogger do you have that burning passion and desire to achieve your personal goals. Do you ever stop and think when your reading someones blog or watching their video that has  15,000 views and the content was lacking and that burning passion isn't there?  You immediately start to think "hey I have the desire how come I am not there yet, or when will anyone really ever take my blog seriously?" Being a New Blogger is tough, we all  have first world problems ( Hit Continue To Read For Full Article)            


Lip Obsessions 01

  Hello Dolls, I hope and pray that you are all having a Glamorous Day! Here on Cdel Beauty there will be a new collection of reviews of products that I am Obsessing over, so to kick start this new series I want to share with you one of my lip obsessions from Ageless Derma.
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I am having an Affair Pt.2

Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you are having an Amazing Day. Now, it's that time again where I share my deepest secret and my infidelities, I know I can trust you and I know you won't judge. I am so happy to finally introduce you to my new lover----



Buy it or Leave It: Jesse's Girl Eye Color Collection

Hey There Beautiful People, I hope and pray that you are having a blessed day! Today on Buy it or Leave it, is an eyeshadow palette from Jesse's Girl collection.



I am having an Affair Part #1

 Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you are having an amazing day when you read this, I feel so dirty in telling you this secret but you have to promise you wont tell my love, I have been cheating on them. I can not keep this secret bottled up inside any longer, and you are the perfect Dolls to tell----