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  Hello Dolls, I hope and pray that you are all having a Glamorous Day! Here on Cdel Beauty there will be a new collection of reviews of products that I am Obsessing over, so to kick start this new series I want to share with you one of my lip obsessions from Ageless Derma.
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 Many people say the eyes are the windows into one's soul. I say the Lips are the floodgates to one's sexy! People look at your mouth when you talk, when you smile, and Dolls when you kiss. One can create many different looks with adding that right shade of lipstick, it's always that perfect black cocktail dress that will go with any occasion. I am huge into products that treat and protect your features while you wear them, because hunny saves me the trouble of purchasing 5 more products to fix one problem when I can buy one product with at least a few key ingredients to help a girl out ( you feel me?~) So a few weeks back when I stumbled upon Ageless Derma's website I felt I hit the lottery. I Contacted Them and they were so nice in sending me this amazing lip gloss!

 Here is a little bit of info of Ageless Derma.

Ageless Derma has skincare and mineral cosmetics that are doctor formulated. Each product has natural and bio engineered ingredients that will help protect the skin as well as making dramatic improvements. You can purchase Ageless Derma online   It is all Physician Grade skin care and mineral cosmetics. For their skin care they have Facial Cleansers, Retinol Creams, Clay Masque, Sunscreen, Skin Brightener, etc. Their mineral makeup has natural ingredients like Boron Nitride -- Calming Lavender Aromatherapy -  Freeze Dried Vitamins A and E -  Mica - Titanium Dioxide – Vitamin A, E and Green Tea Extracts.  If your not familiar what Mica is, it is a natural pigment which dermatologist  approve that  does not clog your pores, protects and treats your skin while you wear it basically killing 1 bird with 2 stones!

     Now the product I have been using and obsessing over  is from their Satin Lip Gloss Collection that retails at $15.00 the lip gloss shade is in Crystalline  I know its a steep for a lip gloss from company you may not heard of, but let me tell you it's really worth it down to the last cent. The packaging is a small, lightweight see-through square which I love! There is a great range of shades to fit any color likes and skin tones. Normally when I have purchased "Physician Grade" products with all those amazing natural ingredients I am not a huge fan of the scent, but let me tell you there is not scent with this one. Crystalline is a clear tint just adds the gloss, you can wear it on top of a lipstick for a lip combo or by itself. At the end of the night when I scrub my lips I love to lather this lip gloss before I go to bed, doing this has made my lips super soft, less chapped and I noticed my  lipsticks have not been feathering or fanning to my inner corners of my mouth. Making my lips talk ready, smile ready and diffidently Kiss Ready!


To check out more of Ageless Derma's amazing skincare and mineral cosmetics you can stop on by at

Let me know what your Lip Obsessions are, because Dolls you know I always love trying out new products you Dolls suggests. Remember
" Every Day is YOUR RUNWAY SO YOU BETTER WORK IT DOLL!" Until next obsessions XoXo-- C

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