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Do you want Tea to go with those Bags under your eyes??

Yes the title says it All, I have major dark circles and bags under my eyes. I have tried everything from Highend to Drugstore, which gets me at a lowend, lol. I have watched hours on end on youtube what others thought is a great concealer, stopped in at Sephora and Ulta. Bought what they have recommended and always, always I am very disappointed in the product. I have tried different combos, I tried DIY, by mixing a few in a little jar, different techniques. So I am going to document my journey to find that perfect concealers and review the ones I have been using that didn't work as I would have liked it.


Budget Beauty Tip 101

Hey Everyone I hope and pray that you Darlings are doing Fabulous! So today's Budget Beauty Tip 101 in Growing your makeup collection on a budget is........ Subscribing to a Beauty Subscription Box Service. There are many beauty boxes out there they range from $10-12 dollars and some are $21 or higher. I suggest on sitting down and in your  budget diary ( I will go into a budget diary in a next blog) or where ever you keep track of your credits and debits. See exactly what price point you can afford month to month on a box. Now majority of boxes you can do month to month and if there is a month you can not afford it you can either opt out for that month, or unsubscribe for that month. Now opting out and unsubscribe is different for each company. So it's important to see what their policy states on that matter. Each box is a little bit different but for the most part, you will get 4-5 deluxe sized samples or some full sized products.

   Once you figured out the figure you can add into your budget, pick the Beauty Subscription service that fits right into your budget. Once you figured that out, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest for you to do your research on the boxes that your thinking to subscribe too. Go to Youtube and type in the company's name and unboxing, unbagging, ect. See past months or present months. Read blogs of the unboxings. Now don't take into consideration the expression of the person, screaming "oooh yess, ooohhh yess" or the person who says "REALLY, I HATE THIS REALLY!".

         Yes, you want to see what others are feeling of the unboxing, but look at the products and brands. Ask yourself are these products or brands that I would love to try, or have used. Find the "Box" that's going to suit you. Because what's going to work for someone may not for you and vice versa. So you want to find the one you think you would be most happy with. Yes you are not going to love all the products, buts its also very fun to try New products from brands you never even heard of.

            So I am subby to Ipsy which is $10 and Glossybox is $21 they are both month to month. I have been with both boxes for about 4 months now, and my makeup collection has grown a lot just with the 2 boxes. Ipsy is great because its cheap and a lot of the times your getting literally 5 full sized products. Ever since I have become a member I have had 90% full sized products. Last month's Ipsy's Spring Fling Bag totaled out to $68.89 and you only pay $10 its amazing!.

              So I hope you luvs found this Budget Beauty Tip 101 helpful. Let me know if you have any questions, and Thank You for Your Time.

                          XOXO--- C 


Girl Don't Stress it will cause you Wrinkles!

Stress will cause you wrinkles

Hello Darlings, and Gents I hope and pray that you guys are all doing very well. As Ephesians 4:26-27 Reads. "In your anger do not sin, Do no let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold."

               So true, I was going to write a review about some affordable prices, and products. But today I had a really tough day. I was put in a situation that really shook me to the core. I am a slow pot cooker, you know when your making a stew and you put it in the cooker, and it boils and boils and it lets out that steam to let you know when its ready. I am that type of person, If my buttons are being pushed, I hold it, hold it in, until my cap lets that steam out and it's all going down like Downtown Julie Brown. I am SO sick of people who think since I am in a situation that I can't freely speak my mind, they think they can walk all over me. I used to be that person who will battle it out with words and fists. But I am not that person anymore, especially after being saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, by being Adopted by  the King of All Kings my God. I am not that Ruthless person anymore. I look at my life how it was before I was saved, and I can see Now God's presence there even when I had my eyes closed, and my ears deaf. He waited and called me, and my life has had such a great change in myself and as well as my whole family's life But. I am only human, and things are going to get me down or bother me. But i need to work on going God about first and praying. Today i just went off, after this person just went about something the wrong way. I am more mad at myself for letting that put me in that type of Anger, and Stress.

              When we are all put in a situation that doesn't please us right away we want to act on it, and get that person. If its either saying harsh words, fighting, ect. We want them to hurt as much as they made us hurt. But that's not the right way to go about it. We need to Stop the Stress and Anger that comes along with that feeling. And kill them with kindness, no matter what,  that person can't take charge of Your Life, and Take that much of your Time and Energy. it's not worth it, and it is not what God would want us to do. Just let it in, and don't let it out. Because if you do they have that Power over you, and you can't let them. God is the only one who can have that Power, no one else. If you ever get in that type of position remove yourself from that situation, and Pray. Talk to God, He and only Him  is the only  person who Judges us. He has our life planned, He is Before Us, Behind Us, and Beside Us. God might not be on time but HE will never be late. And God will get you through that situation and many more to come.

                    Thanks for Reading and letting me get that off my chest. I will see your next time.

                      XOXO- C


Budget Beauty 01. Week Ending of June 9, 2013


  Hello Darlings and Gents, I hope and Pray that You are doing great, This is the first of many segments, of my Budget Beauty series. This week  ending on June 9, 2013 I had a budget of $15 dollars that figure had to include the sales tax on every item or transaction spent. I actually was under budget by $2.00. I stopped at my local Dollar Tree near my work, one day before I had to start my shift because I had to pick up a card for a coworker. I saw that this Dollar Tree had a couple of Milani Products. Now you can find Milani at locations like Walmart,, Cvs, Target, ect. Their  cosmetics price range from $4.00 up to $12.00 an average price. I saw two Milani Lipsticks in 3 different shades, 1 lip gloss in one shade of deep purple, and 2 single eyeshadow one in a peachy pink and a deep set purple. The other items didn't catch my attention even though the price was out of this world, but the single eyeshadow in a peachy pink did. This single Eyeshadow is the Milani 08A Peachy Peach and its amazing. It's Highly pigmented, great staying power, and very easy to blend in and work with. It has a consistency like a velvety satin type. I have used it with out a primer and the color payoff was amazing. So a great buy for a dollar if you can find these Get IT because you will love the color of this product I think it will look great on all different types of skin tones.

   Now, this next product that I purchased I was completely excited about, and it was a major let down. CVS has a clearance sale going on between 50%-75% off which is a drug to some of us Drugstore Lovers!! I came across the Revlon PhotoReady Trio Face Kit in 001 Pink Rose. In this kit you have your Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer. The sale final price came out to $2.87. I have been looking for a lighter pinkish blush and when I saw that Revlon was on 75% off, I thought great price and great product. When I opened it at home and swatched the 3 colors there was no color payoff at all. You can swatch and swatch really hard pick up some pigments, but when you apply it for the swatch you barley see it, and it rubbed right off  leaving nothing but sparkles and shimmer. The highlighter is the only one that comes out more pigmented but it has a chalky consistency when applied for swatch it rubs right off.

 Total Spent $4.00 Budget was $15.00 Total Amount Left $11.00 On the Next Blog Post I will show you the remaining products, I was super excited for the Revlon that purchase was a fail for me, but there are a few more products that I am excited to show you guys that are a great affordable price that can fit into your budget. .  Until Next Time, xoxo C


Great Budget Beauty Finds For week ending 6/9/2013

Hello Darlings and Gents, I hope and pray that your kick off to the week was at a great start! I am starting out a new series of videos on my youtube channel called Budget Beauty and each week I am going to set a $10-$15 dollar budget for the week, that is including the sales tax, I can't go over my budget with the sales tax ( that always gets me) I will be showing the Great Affordable prices and great product finds, as well as the great prices but the not so great products. Now I know there is a million and one youtube channels that have "drugstore" great products, dupes, empties videos, ect. But I have come to the realization that sometimes these people will push a product and the product isn't that great. I have noticed a particular person that I just watched and watched for hours on end, and I can see the change in that person starting to happen. They get all caught up in the glitzs and glams of it all. But really they are not helping people who are truly on a budget. I have always been running out and buying that product that person or persons have said. And more that half the time ya, I have found some great products, and most of the times "NO" I would go to Sephora and spend $100 here a $100 there and I would be like really this product isn't all that big of a deal. So I am at a point and a mission to show people the great finds and products and to show my journey on budgeting my Money properly and growing my makeup collection. And hopefully I can show you a trick or to on how to budget your money, and maybe you can show me yours because we are soo ever learning new things every day. I thank you for your time, and if you want to subscribe to my channel or view it you can find me by the search bar in youtube by my email and its cynthiasdelrio@gmail.com I hope and pray you guys have a great day. xoxo C

P.S. God Made You Perfect in His Image