Beauty Feature of the Day: Brazen Cosmetics


There are a million and one major cosmetic companies in the industry. Many of them are co-owned under bigger names example LancĂ´me is owner EM cosmetics, so we are more prone to purchase from brands that we know. Ever wandered out of the Major cosmetics industry and went and tried out an Indie Cosmetics line? Well you should! Today's Beauty Feature of the Day is Brazen cosmetics an Indie Cosmetic line.


Here is a little bit about Brazen cosmetics from their website

BRAZEN: (bra`zehn) 1) Shameless and bold. 2) Marked by flagrant and insolent audacity.
             Brazen is your top stop for kick ass indie cosmetics for stage and street! We love creative and trendy makeup and scents! Why blend in?! We specialize in professional formulas, intense pigmentation, and long wearing shades.
Our founder and chief formulator has over 15 years experience formulating cosmetics of all variations so you get the benefit of years of research and testing. Brazen Cosmetics were created for the daring confident girls (or guys) who demand a lot from their makeup and don't settle.
Our products work HARD to bring you high pigmentation, long lasting wear, unique colors and makeup that actually IMPROVES your skin! One swipe and you'll be hooked. Unleash your inner drama queen and strut your stuff in style!  innovative and creative products (our evil makeup geniuses are always hard at work) that are TESTED by humans long before they reach your hands
I was given the amazing opportunity to try out these amazing products, the owner Sandi is an amazing sweet person and it was a pleasure to talk to her and try her products out.

 The eyeshadows that I received are amazing! They are loose eyeshadow pigments  that come with a punch and kick of HIGH QUALITY, AND PIGMENTATION. I actually prefer these loose pigments compared to the Maybelline Color Tattoo loose pigments.  They are super easy to build up the color intensity and blend out for a gorgeous smokey eye.  The green eyeshadow is called Wicked and the crandberryisk is called Fussy. I love the names of the products sort of reminds me of Urban Decay.

  The 2 Organic Liquid Lipsticks that I received are called Catalyst which is more of Barbie pink, and Trophy Wife is more of a rustic pinkish type color. I can not say which one I would prefer over the other one because they are super long wearing, they are moisturizing on the lips,  they do not fan or feather into the creases of my lips ** which I love, I have a major problem with some of my lipsticks doing that!*  

I STRONGLY suggest checking out Brazen cosmetics you will get great customer service and every package is sent to you with such love.  Brazen wants the best for their clients and for their skin. Every is vegan and gluten free.  The prices of their products are really affordable for the quality of product that you receive.

 You can check out Brazen and see their full product line at . They have a great product range, and shade range for all different types of color likes and great for all different types of skin tones.

Remember everyday is YOUR runway so you better work it Dolls,
Until Next time Thanks for Reading. Xoxo C
  Yes these products were sent to me, but that did not way in on my 100% truth and opinions of their product. I actually received these products a while ago, before I rate a review I like to try out and test it out for a few weeks before I review. 


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