Budget Beauty Tip of the Day : How to Grow your Makeup Collection Without Spending a DIME

Hey Darlings, I hope and pray that your day is going wonderfully. I wanted to share with you all, how I have been growing my Beauty Collection with  out spending a Dime. You will literally believe in Santa Claus again after I share my Budget Beauty Tip of the day!

  So I am an extreme Coupon Lady, then one sleepless night searching the web for God knows what. The idea of free samples came to my mind. I used to be a part of a team called Tremor when I was a teenager. They would send me new products, promotional gifts, episodes of shows that hadn't been shown on t.v yet. So I started on a hunt, I found a lot of sites that required you to sit there for a million hours filling out stupid surveys. But then I finally found Legitimate sites, that I am frequently visiting and getting free samples from.  

You can get anything under the sun for free it is amazing how much stuff for free that Companies such as Kotex, Dove, Target Stores, Walmart Stores, Kmart, Tide, so on and so on.  Products Range from anything for Babies to Adults, beauty products, skincare, haircare, makeup, dish soap, trash bags, body wash. You get my drift??

Always check out the companies Face book page too, they will send you free products that they are giving away just by clicking the LIKE button and submitting your personal info.

My top three sites I go to ARE:

   Also Jcpenny's always have free Salon Samples that are really travel sizes. You can find the posts for JCP on those 3 sites I have stated above and its normally the first 2 weeks of every month. So hurry in quick when you see those posts while supplies last.

Target those Free Samples as well, and you can get Target samples at

I hope this was helpful in growing your Beauty and Household collection up without spending a dime. Thanks for your time until Next time --XoXo Cyndi-- 

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