Fall Essentials

     Fall is in the Air....

That time of year has come where we have to put our brights and lights back into storage, and bring out our darker shades in our beauty products and fashion statements.  


sunshine award

 Sunshine Award What!!! I am super excited to receive the Sunshine Award. I was nominated by an amazing person inside and out who has a huge heart! I love her Tagline in her profile "Join me on my journey for feeling beautiful from the inside out. +Ashley Maria  is a super amazing blogger as well! Check her page out, you will be instantly hooked!


Maybelline's New Dr. Rescue Baby Lips

 It's a bird it's a plane! oh no it's DR. RESCUE BABY LIPS! Yes!!  the wait is finally over.  Empty shelves and "Coming Soon" displays are finally filled and packed to the brim with these brand new Maybelline New York Baby lips Dr. Rescue medicated lips balms has arrived.