Limited Edition Wet N Wild Pop Color Icons

Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you all are having a great kick start to your week! I don't know about you guys but Mondays for me are dreadful. Actually this Monday has been a great one so far, for the first time I was not running late and racing to work, that I actually was on time and better yet early for work. So to kill some time  I decided to stop in  at my local Rite Aid and sure enough on a bottom shelf left untouched, and unwanted  was  the new Wet N Wild limited edition Pop Color Icons right in front of me. I was a 100% sure I would never get my hands on these, and hunny let me tell you I was able to purchase the whole collection!

Here is what our friends at Wet N Wild have to say about this new Limited Edition collection:

  •    Eyeshadow Type:  You have a range of eyeshadow type (texture) in these trios from your matte shades to your satin and shimmery ones. They do not have a chalky consistency  or have glitter in them.

  • Application: As in Wet N Wild fashion they imprint the shades telling you where each shade goes, that is really helpful for a beginner who is learning how and where to apply eyeshadows. These shades are very blendable and buildable you can pack on the shades to intensify the color for a much bolder look. I have to add, these shades work amazing with or without primer and are very easy to work with, some palettes do not have  that great quality and you have to work harder to get that look your trying to create with these you will not have that problem.

  • Lasting Power:  They do have a long lasting power, on a couple of the shades from the collection you will have to reapply or touch up,

  •  Price: $2.99
Final Grade and Thoughts: This Collection receives an A+ grade,  I do love all 6 Art Craze Pop Color Icons , they're a great quality product to have in your makeup collection, the downfall of this collection that it was extremely hard to find. I have been searching for the 6 pop trios for quite sometime now. I happen to find this product on a whim, which is amazing and bittersweet . I wish this collection is added into their permanent collection due to the simple fact that Wet N Wild needs to come out with more trios and palettes. If you own them all, what's next?? NOTHING because you own all their palettes that are out there!

                Have you tried the new Wet N Wild Pop Art Crazed Trios? Let me know what was your favorite trio, and if you hadn't been able to find them which one are you dying to try? Thanks for your time, please don't forget to follow my blog on Bloglovin I will see you next time XoXo- C




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