I am having an Affair Part #1

 Hey Dolls I hope and pray that you are having an amazing day when you read this, I feel so dirty in telling you this secret but you have to promise you wont tell my love, I have been cheating on them. I can not keep this secret bottled up inside any longer, and you are the perfect Dolls to tell----

  This affair started a few weeks ago, when I was at +Sephora shopping around on my break as any other day, when my friend introduced me to my new love, Sephora's  new formulated concealer. My heart skipped a beat when we had our first date. And since then I have been singing the tune of this thing called love.
  I don't know about you Dolls but I would always skip over Sephora's collections, in my head I would think "drugstore" even though it is a highend store.  Sephora is actually reformulating some of their products to fit their new Skin IQ reader that was launched earlier in July.  
 I feel so bad I am cheating on Benefit and UD but it is so, so, hard to hide my infidelities.  I have been wanting to introduce them to you, and no time is better than  the present time. Here are a couple of  my new loves:

Concealer $15.00:  The packaging of this particular concealer instantly reminded me of MAC. I love the creamy texture, allowing you to build the coverage from mid to full coverage. Excellent for under eye dark circles and to hide minor imperfections. When you apply the concealer in the upside down triangle under your eyes and  if you use a brush you can easily blend the coverage creating that illumines Jlo glow which is freaking amazing.   Final Grade: A  Price point, texture, coverage makes this product a must have, especially those of us Dolls who suffer from major dark circles.


Foundation $26 now $9.00: Instant Radiance foundation  is a great MUST HAVE product to add into your makeup collection. If you love that JLO or Kim K glow, then this foundation is made perfectly for you. The coverage is very buildable leaving your skin looking so flawless and not leaving you with that " Cake Face" finish we all try to stray from. Have you noticed that with some foundations through out the day the coverage starts to turn an orange ish color? I noticed that this foundation does not do that, which to me is freaking amazing! Yes you will have to dust a light powder once to refresh your look, as with all other products. Some of my other liquid foundations in my makeup collection they tend to feel somewhat heavy on my skin. The formulation of this product is very light weight allowing our pores to breathe.


In this photo I only did half of my face. Left side has only 1 pump of foundation, right side has no foundation or concealer what so ever. I wanted to show you the amazing coverage, with just that one pump of the product.

 Ok, so now that I shared this SECRET WITH YOU, please don't judge or tell on me, I swear it will only happen again and again LOL. Let me know if you Dolls have ever skipped over the  +Sephora brand as much as I have in the past, because hunny let me WARN YOU, if you stop your going to have an affair.  I don't want to be a home wreaker so you can't say I didn't warn you. Stay Tuned for more of my 50 shades of white and black with Sephora. Follow my Blog on BlogLovin and Remember

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