New Loreal Paris 12hr Infallible "The Super Slim"Liquid Eyeliner

Hello Darlings, I hope and pray that you all are having a blessed weekend! I know we face trials and tribulations though out our days, but we will get to that next breath, God is on our side. I wanted to share a review on a new product with you all Lovely Dolls and Gents.  So many Cosmetic Companies are adding new collections to summer of 2013, or they are just adding add-ons to a current collection that has been out on the market for sometime now, So lately I have been seeing a new commercial for the Loreal Paris 12hr infallible "The Super Slim" Liquid Eyeliner, and of course I ran to the Drugstore A.S.A.P. 

 Loreal Paris states that this product :
Enjoy flawlessly clean lines as precise as 0.4mm with The Super Slim by Infallible® Never Fail. The ultra-fine felt tip gives you total control, delivering the perfect amount of liner. The intense quick dry 12 HR formula glides on smoothly with continuous and even flow. In one stroke create sleek and sophisticated eyes.
  • Skip-proof
  • Drag-proof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Ophthalmologist-tested,  Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearer

I have to tell you that when I saw the commercials I was super pumped, I am very new to gel eyeliners and felt tip eyeliners. When it comes to eyeliners I am very " Old Fashioned"  (you know the retractable kind)

   The packaging of this product is  long, sleek, and very chic looking. **If you haven't noticed I am sucker for great packaging!**  In the middle of the eyeliner there is a indented grip, making it easy to grip for a more precise application.

 The felt tip is very pointy, and not as wobbly compared to other felt tip liquid liners. At first stroke you can get a highly pigmented line, so if your trying to get a very thinned out line you can, as well as a thicker liner. If you are a beginner or have been applying makeup for quite sometime but are having a trouble with applying liquid eyeliner. Then this product is for you, especially if you are having trouble with adding the wings  to your finished eye look. You can pick up this product at any drugstore for about $7.99-8.99 if you have a coupon USE IT BABY!

Final Grade and Thoughts:  A+
  • Great color payoff
  • It does have lasting power
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Precise application
  • Can create a thin line, or a thicker line
  • Price point of product is very reasonable
  • I diffidently would repurchase
  • Would suggest to family and friends

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