In loving Memory of Glossybox

On July 31,2013 at 11:59 p.m. My  Dearly Beloved Glossybox had it's last opening. The dim light of pink and black royalty stamps quickly faded away into  the fog on a cold summer  night in Cleveland, OH Glossybox has had its up's and downs. Let me bow my head in silence and remember my dear ol' Glossybox.


Before I get into this tribute, here are just a couple of key points Glossybox states on their website :
  1.  GLOSSYBOX is all about turning subscribers into beauty insiders
  2. we’ll send you a box filled with 5-6 luxury-sized samples from our favorite brands.
  3. Our specialized team of GLOSSYBOX product scouts will create a carefully curated box which we’ll send to your door at the end of the month. Your job is just to unwrap and enjoy your GLOSSYBOX, whose value is more than twice the price you’d pay for the same products in the store.
  4. We care about what you think! Each month, we try to send you products you’ll fall in love with over and over again
I have been subscribed to Glossybox and to Ipsy for 5 months now, it is a monthly subscription beauty service that costs $21.00 a month. A beauty subscription service doesn't make the products they just contact companies to see if they want to be a contributor for the box, and then they have a distribution location where they collect all the products and put them in a box and shipped them to the subscribers. These kind of services send you anywhere between 4-6 deluxe sized samples to full sized products  depending on the service and box or bag.

 Now the main reason I signed up to Glossybox because they claim and on their website from the brands that are plastered on the welcome screen are higher end products. They have basically stated that they are going to make it rain on us in the luxury department ( just my own spin, of what I read and put 2 and 2 together) Well since I have started my subscription with them, I have had problems with customer service and from month to month it is a hit or miss.  Now I know that the point of these type of services your not specifically choosing your products it gives you an opportunity to try other brands that your not familiar with.
    Now, but with Glossybox they state Luxury, Carefully Curated, you will become a beauty insider. Yes I have had a couple of great products but out of 5 months and 25 products later I really liked only 6 that really are classified highend last month we received C- Booth and I found C-Booth at Rite Aide that's not high end that's not luxury.

    So why I am I going to pay $21 for a couple of Higher end products and received mostly drugstore products. When I pay $10 for Ipsy and I get mostly full sized products, and more higher end products, that still puzzles me. This month wasn't that bad but everyone getting the same color blue isn't carefully curated, everyone may not like that color. That's not carefully curated for me Cyndi, I do like the Brazilian Blow out, and the Blgari product doesn't smell bad. The BB cream I received do you think I am going to be able to try it out, NO! because the bottle is completely empty.  I was going to cancel yesterday but of course they already took the money out. So I already sent an email for them to stop the next month.

  Let me know if you are a Glossybox subscriber and if you feel the same way I do, I would love to hear your Doll's feed back. Remember every day is your runway so you better work it! Until Next time XoXo-- C
Here are the products that were in this July's Box.



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