Hey Dolls Please Pray if your a Prayer

Hey Dolls I this is not my usual beauty review but I am here as a friend to all of you if your a prayer please pray for my family.  I have been dealing with some health issues of my own, but most importantly I have been worried about my mom's health with some of the test results she has received. In the next couple of weeks we will finally find out if its what I am hoping and praying for that it's not. So if your a prayer please keep in my family in your prayers. I believe prayers can move mountains, I also ask that you pray for Ukraine and one of my dear blogger buddies +Elizabeth Breygel  lives there and that we pray that she and her family and loved ones are kept safe and protected. I love you guys because many of you have become such great friends over this journey. Thanks Dolls, xoxo- Cyndi

Wantable February 2014 Makeup Box Unboxing

Wantable Box is monthly beauty subscription service where you can choose between 3 boxes makeup, jewelry, and intimates. You have to take a very personalized  questionnaire where you put your loves, likes, and dislikes. You will never receive something you dislike, and for $36 a month if you do not like your box you can always resend it back to get a new one or a refund. This is my February box that I received for a review all Reviews Are my honest opinions.


Beauty Feature~ Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Vincent Longo is a celebrity makeup artist who was disappointed in the lack of vibrant rich colors, he then started mixing and making his own vibrant color hues in his New York apartment, that was the start of Vincent Longo Cosmetics, and  I was given the amazing opportunity to try out his beyond amazing products . ~ Click Read More for Full Review~


Beauty Feature ~ Model in a Bottle Feature

 I believe that when we do our makeup we become like an artist painting on a blank canvas, we take pride in our makeup looks if it's for just a quick let me look refreshed look, to a more elaborate look for an evening out on the town. We put on our foundation, eyeshadows, and blush. We create this wonderful masterpiece and we want to protect it by setting it with a setting spray to lock in your gorgeous look. Today's Beauty Feature of the day is Model in a Bottle's Sensitive Skin Setting Spray Click Read More For Full Review~


Wet n Wild's Fergie Mattifying Take on the Day Powder

Wet n Wild Fergie Center stage collection has been hitting the drugstores with some great  collections for 2014. Now for some of us we all have been trying to get the high shine down in our T-zones to a minimal, so does this product really work? Find out by clicking read more~

Beauty Feature~ LTW Custom Cosmetics

As women we are constantly purchasing all our beauty and makeup essentials, we look at the packaging in the store and the shades and colors and we are oohhed and ahhyed by them and must have that product in our lives. When we get home and some of us when we get in our cars we immediately start to tear that clear packaging off and start to swatching and playing in our new founded makeup product. I want you to close your eyes and think the top 5 properties you look for in lipstick?. Click Read More for full review~


New Physicians Formula Nude Wear and Glow Review

 It has been on trend this season of bare lips, nude eyes and the inner glow. Which I love because it's in style and  if I am running late and I don't have any makeup on then i look fab and fierce haha.  Physicians Formula has been on point with the latest trend adding some "Nude Glow" Nude wear" collection at the drugstore. Click read more for full review~~~

Beauty Feature of the Day~ Armour Beauty

 Armour Beauty is a beauty brand that was started by Theo Kogan who is a singer, model, and actress. While her amazing ventures she always crazed for a lip gloss that would have great long wear during a performance and etc. That's how Armour Beauty and their lip glosses came about. Click read more for full review~


Wet N Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection On edge long wear eyeliners

 Wet n Wild has been busting out new products for the original Wet n Wild line as well for the Fergie Centerstage collection. The centerstage collection has new mattifying powder, lip stains, gel eye liners, the list goes on. The beauty feature of the day is on one of their newest products the "on edge long wear eyeliners" Click to read more~


New Wet N Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection Vicious Varnish Lip Stains

Many of you may know Wet N Wild has been coming out with some new permanent collections for their Wet N Wild line, but they also have been coming out with some new products for the Fergie Center Stage Collection. In my personal opinion the Center Stage Collection products are better performing especially the Vicious Varnish High Shine Lip Stains here's why~


Beauty Feature of the Day~ Studio Gear Cosmetics

 Studio Gear Cosmetics is known for the amazing makeup brushes, but they also have some amazing makeup products from lipsticks from a whole wide range to choose from down to skin care. The 2 products on the beauty feature of the day are their primer and mascara Click Read More~

New Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Review #CSMTKO

As the economy is a little bit of a titter totter there are few things that I have to cut back on, and one of them is going to get my nails done at a salon. If I can do a great mani with out having to spend that extra money then i am all for it. Well Sally Hansen has our backs with their new Complete Manicure which is ~~~~ Click Read More for Full Review~~~~


New Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color Review

  The New Year has come bringing in amazing new products at the drugstore. Many brands have been suprizing us with some new displays with some great collections as well as some products that could have had soo much potential. Once I heard that Milani was coming out with some new lip products, I had to search High and Low to find them.