Girl Save Your Money Don't Go To Ulta

OK, so this is a Review on my services I have received today from Ulta. Now as many of you know Ulta has both Prestigious Cosmetics and Drugstore cosmetics. I recently purchased a Benefit Cosmetics Stay flawless powder foundation, at one of my Ulta locations by my work. I have been applying this product in many different techniques, different brushes ect. The outcome of this product always remained the same a Muddy, grayish overcast for my finished look. So today June 29 2013 I went to the Ulta location closer to my house, I was going to exchange it and have a mini consultation with one of the " Ulta Stylist" I saw 3 people at the cash wrap, and the only person I saw on the floor was an older lady finishing up with a customer at the makeup counter. When the stylist stepped away to go get more products, I asked the lady if she could help me when she was finished with that customer if she could help me. So I waited directly in front of her, when she finished with that customer, another customer behind me went in front of me and walked directly to the Stylist, and started asking her some questions. I was like really?  Then this stylist kept on helping other customers leaving me standing there like an idiot for 20 mins.

                   At this point I am really aggravated, so finally when that Stylist finished I asked if she had time for me now. Then this #$#%^^ ( beep, you get the drift) rudely was like yea what you need. I explained to her how I was feeling for this product, right away she starts saying well this is the right color for you, its the perfect match ( basically saying I am delusional ) in a bickering unprofessional matter. Tells me to have a seat, in the chair. Right before she was going to apply makeup, she asked if I had any foundation on, I said yes and this BIA had the nerve to shake her head at me, are you  freaking kidding me!!?? Then she basically tells me to take the product back home, and there's nothing wrong with it. This experience has topped in the Top 5 worst services I have ever received.

             When I talk to other people, they feel that when they need  some help and guidance nobody at Ulta seems to want to help. Yea your going to get some good some bad, I feel if your unhappy working with the public then stay home and be a lady and exit to the left. I will never be shop at that Ulta location ever!

              Let me know if you have ever experienced anything like this at a Makeup counter. Talk to you soon. XoXo- C 


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