Hey Dolls and Gents, I hope and pray that you are doing AMAZEBALLS sitting all oohhh so gorgeous over there. Ok, if you not aware of my Services Review of my recent visit to Ulta read my part one of to catch up.

I thought long and hard about contacting Ulta about my experience, due to the simple fact, that job is that Stylist's bread and butter.
 In this tough day and age it is really hard for people to find jobs. I don't know if that Stylist have had X amount of complaints and this complaint was going to get her fired or suspended. Yes I was mad and Yes I did not deserve the treatment I received, but I am a Christian and a human being I know that every single day I am not going to walk into work All  happy and cheerful. All of us are not perfect, we all have our moments. So after pondering it for some time, I did reach out to Ulta. I wrote a detailed account of my recent experience in an email. The very next day I found an email sitting in my box from Ulta. 

  The email stated how deeply sorry they felt for the incident on hand, that they patched my email right to the District Manager, that He will be contacting me in the next day or so. Ulta strives to be a the number one in customer satisfaction so on and so on. So within 4 hours of reading that email the District Manger called me. He asked me to explain to him the incident, I did he listened. He kept on saying he was so, so, sorry that Ultra strives for customer perfection.

     So all in all, they are sending me a gift card and some goodies. Yes that was a plus, but in my mind you need to rectify the situation. Retrain the newbies to the oldies if you really strive for 100% customer satisfaction then why do I talk to so many people who have felt the same  way I have, or who have gone through the same exact situation.
 I don't want to seem ungrateful, but that's how I feel you can't buy respect you must earn it.

 I go to my local Sephora i used to feel like no one was ever there to REALLY help, but now i go there 3-4x's a week and the crew there are my friends. We joke around, we talk, they hold new products that they know i would love until i stop in. A majority of the times, i do buy the products they put on hold for me. That kind of attention to detail is AMAZING, i give that store 90% of my business. I love the concept of Ulta because you have Highend and Drugstore and they carry NYX which is one of my all time holy grail brand.

  I hope you guys have a great and safe July 4th xoxo.... C

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