Friday Favorites for July 12, 2013

 Hey Darlings and Gents I hope and pray that you all are having an Amazing day. The Weekend is here, and the days went quick. It's that time for us to kick off our shoes and rest up.  We have so many outfits and makeup products stuffing out of our dressers and ohh so little time to wear them all. I will be sharing my favs and dumps for this week, that I was away on vacation.

   I hate when vacations have to come to end, but that's life for ya! This week I was using a lot of my Hour Glass mineral veil face primer. This Primer is a my new Holy Grail that I have recently added to my Makeup Routine. It has the affects of an facial army, your makeup becomes water resistant, the makeup that you applied oh so beautifully will not melt off if you get caught in 100 degree weather.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream, and Pure eyeshadow pigments has  been a life and time saver especially for this week. Very easy to apply to clean up your look if your on the Go- Go, and do not have the time to spend an 1hr on your makeup.


Milani Lipsticks have been my go to colors this week. They are highly pigmented and the staying power on this bad girls are amazing. I have picked up a couple more this week in Flamingo Rose, and Fuchsia Pink. They are at a great price point, as well as the packaging is concerned to me they are very highend and chic looking.

My dumps for this week are the  : Hello Kitty Charmmy Eye Color Stick. This product is a gorgeous color and the packaging is very easy to use. The problem with this product is that it is not very easy to work with, not smooth like butter our eyes are very sensitive and I feel when I tried to use this product I am clawing my eyes out. The price point of this product is O.K. the Hello Kitty line at Sephora is being discontinued and the price has been reduced to 30% off.

 This last product is not worth the HYPE. That is the NYX Wonder Pencil, I purchased this product mainly for the purpose of using this on my water line to give that Awaken Look. My eyes would  look droopy and the product will be half on my waterline and the other half  would be trickling down my face. It still bums me out that this product didn't deliver I still use this product for other uses.

    Let me know what has been your go to products this week, and remember every day is your runway you better work it girls. Thanks for your Time

  XoXo-- C

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