Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Collection Review

CoverGirl has some major new permanent releases that are hitting the drugstore shelves. One of their newest collection is the Ready Set Gorgeous with loads of new products from liquid foundation, concealers, powder foundation and so much more. CoverGirl has also introduced that Katy Perry is their newest spokes model. On Today's review I will share with you my final thoughts on this newest collection. Click Read More For Full Review~


Mally Beauty Citychick in the Buff Palette Review

PR~ Mally Beauty has recently released their Citychick in the Buff shadow palette, Mally who is owned and run by Mally Roncal is a celebrity makeup artist who knows exactly what the client needs from walking the red carpet to walking to the bus stop to take your little ones to school. Her products are multi functioning and made with some of the best cutting edge technology from all over the world. Mally will go to the depths of the world to bring you the best products that are Bullet Proof! and great for your skin.  Click Read More For Full Review~


Wantable April 2014 Review

PR~Wantable Box is monthly beauty subscription service where you can choose between 3 boxes makeup, jewelry, and intimates. You have to take a very personalized  questionnaire where you put your loves, likes, and dislikes. You will never receive something you dislike, and for $36 a month if you do not like your box you can always resend it back to get a new one or a refund. This is my April 2014 


Blog Buttons and Blog Banners by Laurie

 If your a newbie or a veteran blogger, you know your name or logo is your brand. Like Walmart or Target they all have a logo, when you see that logo you instantly think of the store and the brand itself. That's how our blog buttons and banners are,  they are our logos to market ourselves on our social media platforms.  So you really want to take the time to create your logo and if you don't know how to like myself there is always the option to enlist the help of someone who is creative and  will take what you envision into reality, That's what Laurie Marks did and she did it within 24hrs and Dolls she did an amazing job!

HSN Revamps Beauty and Makeup Site

HSN has been one of the leading companies out there that has expertise in their products and brands as well to the  person to person consumer relationships. Not to many companies out there like HSN, well they have recently revamped their beauty and makeup page. Let me tell you Dolls it's amazing on so many different levels! Here is why.. Click Read More For Full Review~

Beauty Feature: Colorescience

 Press Sample: Colorescience is a cosmetic company that believes that what you put on your face matters. The makeup we create absolutely has to be good for your health, good for the world, and it must make you look and feel better. Even more than that, our makeup should make you look and feel beautiful. Isn’t that what we all deserve? Which to me I love what the company stands for!  For the beauty feature of the day  I have a few products that I want to share with you  from foundation to eye shadow palettes. 


Garnier 5 sec Blur Skin Renew Review Possible Dupe for Benefit PoreFessional?

Garnier recently released their latest 5 sec Blur Skin Renew Instant Smoother. That's a mouth full! This product recently hit the drugstore shelves earlier this year. Now, I have stated in a past post that I am a little leery when I read Instant on my products, because Instant to some companies mean using the product for 3 months to see any differences. I put this product to the test to see if it really does work Instantaneous like Garnier claims, and even better yet is a comparable drugstore dupe for Benefit Cosmetics PoreFessional. I put the products to the test If you want to read full review click read more. 


Save Makeup Save Money Helpful Tips to making your Makeup Collection Lasts

Being a women is a hard thing to do, and to maintain our Glamorous lifestyle can be expensive. If we have a family or single we have to factor in our other responsibilities, before our beauty products etc. It's expensive being a women! We have to worry about our top 5's! Hair, Skin, Makeup, Clothes, Shoes (Ladies I am not adding the accessories in lol!). Well Today I am only going to focus on our beauty products and talk a little bit more on how to budget our fiances and our beauty products on our ever growing beauty collection.


New Maybelline Pumped UP Colossal Volum Express Mascara Review

Maybelline New York released some great mascaras that instantly turned into holy grail mascaras at the drugstore. From their volum express rocket, the mega plush, colossal cat eyes,falsies flared, and their original  great lash that is a staple in most makeup collections. I personally have never tried any of Maybelline's newest mascaras, only the great lash. So when I saw their new Pumped Up Colossal Volum Express and after scanning over the packaging I really wanted to give it a try and see if what everyone's claims on these colossal mascaras are true. Click Read More for Full Review~


L'oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother Review

Many companies have been coming out with products that they claim you can see results "INSTANTLY" To me that is to far fetched of a propaganda to say INSTANT to get the consumers to run by the masses to drop 10 or 20+ dollars for that product they are pushing out that could be  a must or a bust. Either or,  I sometimes am very leery of these slogans. Well I put one to the test on the new L'oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother, on this  review you can see if the results are "Instant" like they claimed, or if you have to use this product for 8 weeks to see any differences. Click Read More for full review~


Paul and Joe Review

Press Sample~  Paul and Joe Beaute was started my Sophie Machaly and she named Paul and Joe brand after her two sons. Paul and Joe was first started as a men and women's clothes line then Sophie took it to the next level by adding a cosmetic line as well children's clothes line. The company's mission statement is to deliver "fun loving sophistication". Today I will be reviewing a couple of products from the cosmetic line that I received for review. Let me tell you dolls, I am living this brand for many different reasons. For Full Review Click Read More~~


Mally Beauty Age Rebel Concealer Review

Press Sample~ Mally Beauty was started by Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal, from her first hand knowledge on working on clients she knows what consumers really need in their everyday makeup routines to special occasions when you want to Glam it up. She uses cutting edge technology in the development of the products as well products that are multi-functioning. I recently reviewed her  Age Rebel Concealer Click Read More For Full Review~