New Maybelline Pumped UP Colossal Volum Express Mascara Review

Maybelline New York released some great mascaras that instantly turned into holy grail mascaras at the drugstore. From their volum express rocket, the mega plush, colossal cat eyes,falsies flared, and their original  great lash that is a staple in most makeup collections. I personally have never tried any of Maybelline's newest mascaras, only the great lash. So when I saw their new Pumped Up Colossal Volum Express and after scanning over the packaging I really wanted to give it a try and see if what everyone's claims on these colossal mascaras are true. Click Read More for Full Review~

Maybelline's mascaras typically run about 5-8 dollars depending where you purchase them at, this particular mascara was $8.99 at my local Giant Eagle their prices are typically more expensive in my opinion. But! I had a coupon that I received on this mascara from the Sunday newspaper so it brought it down to 7, so if you receive the Red Plum coupons booklet there's a couple great Loreal and Maybelline coupons inside.

Product Performance Review~
I could not find what Maybelline states about this particular product, but on the packaging it does say that it has collagen, and that it pumps up lashes for up to 16x the volume, pumped up brush delivers colossal impact ophthalmologist tested and contact lens safe. **That's a plus for all the dolls who wears glasses and contact lens!**

I do like how how it lengthened my lashes to the point it looked like falsies, the curved wand doesn't   really bring anything to the table  more just added decoration in my opinion. I do like how the bristles is like a big tear drop to get a nice coat in one stroke. It's really easy to get into the smaller lashes and coat them . No flakiness, I personally feel  some mascaras feel crunchy after you apply them to your lashes and I really didn't think this particular product felt crunchy. ( Best way I could explain it lol) Lasted great for 8 hrs at work and  didn't seep to my under eyes like some other mascaras would. 

Only Con: It really didn't add volume just killer length. Overall I really do enjoy this mascara really does a good job with the lengthening department.

 Well Dolls, Let me know if any of you have tried the Pumped Up mascara what did you think, if you haven't and have tried any of Maybelline's mascaras that has been out  in the market let me know in the comment section below on which ones you would recommend, I am kinda curious about the Plush and Flared Falsies.

 Well Dolls Thanks for stopping by and remember "Everyday is your runway so you better work it!" Until Next Time xoxo

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