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Summer is just around the corner and we are starting to dress down in our clothes  and makeup and hitting  the beaches and be out in the sun more. It's really important to wear SPF to protect our skin from premature aging as well as skin cancer. I have some products from Boscia that will treat and protect from the damages sun can cause on our skin. Boscia is found at your local Sephora and other places that Boscia is sold. Full review and swatches

 Editor Press Samples: I love the Summer time especially this year because on my days off I am going to be sitting pool side non stop. So I have some skin care products that will help with the SPF, anti-aging and give your skin a cleanse while adding the moisture and locking it and throwing away the key.

This soothing cleansing cream has a creamy white consistency and looks like milk for your bones but  for your skin. It will help lock moisture,hydration, and sooth your skin if you have any thing irritating it. The scent is barely non existent and after each wash your skin looks clean and healthy. The appearance of your skin after just 7 days of use will really wow you, your skin looks and feels supple, silky to the touch and radiant. If you had any irritation going on that will have subsided and your skin will go back to normal. This is suitable for all skin types and skin concerns which is an A+ across the board.

Konjac Cleansing Sponge w/ Bamboo Charcoal will make you say GOOD BYE TO YOUR CLARISONIC! This sponge at first confused me and kept me hesitant to give it a whirl but after researching on how useful this Konjac sponges are I was all ready to give it a try. All you have to do is wet the sponge with luke warm water adding your cleanser and scrub away. This will help take away all the dead skin and impurities that your skin will have. Closes in your pores and locks in the nutrients back into your skin. These are good for 3-4 months with everyday use and are under 15.00  the results comparable to 200.00 a facial wash machine would run by. I like to use this with soothing cream and the results are phenomenal. This comes with a little string where you can hang this to dry in a safe area where bacteria can not get into. Your skin will look so healthy and feel so healthy that it feels like your taking years off of damage in just a short period of time. NO JOKE NO LIE! 

Products that will help protect your skin 

Daily Defense Sunscreen with an SPF 50 is not only going to be suitable for all skin types on adults also it will work great on smaller children. This can be used all over your body and your face under makeup. It does have a thicker consistency because it is a sunscreen and but it does melt in your skin once it's contacted by the warmth of your body. It will last up 2 hours before you have to reapply and will uphold your swimming,running, or just sitting in under the sun catching some rays. This will protect your skin from the harsh UV Rays and from premature anti-aging. The pump squirts enough product for each body part and it will last you a good amount of time through so many uses. Even though it's a sunscreen I personally felt it was quite moisturizing at the same time. And the scent of it is minimal but it doesn't have the sunscreen scent but not at pow in your face like others I have tried in the past. 

Next up I have my new holy grail moisturizer with the build in SPF

I have tried the Self-Defense Vital Antixoidant Moisturizer with the SPF of 30 in the past in a bronze kit from Sephora and fell in love with it! But now having it in Full Size made me fall in love with it even more. The consistency is a happy medium not to thick or watery, and it instantly absorbs into your skin. Takes away the dryness and will give your skin a slight I mean slight luminous glow to it. Your skin looks and feels silky to the touch. The moisturizer not only takes care of the dryness but adds nutrients back into giving your skin that added medicine to make it look and feel healthy. And! the SPF will protect your skin from the harsh sun damage especially from premature aging. Works amazing under your makeup so if your afraid of using a product with SPF under your makeup it will not disrupt it. This is suitable for all skin types and especially for those with extra sensitive skin. The scent is very minimal next to non existent. And like all the products from Boscia this is dermatologist approved and tested.

Well dolls if your going to be out and the sun you really need to make sure you protect it as much as possible. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any Boscia products that are your favorite.

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