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Press Sample~  Paul and Joe Beaute was started my Sophie Machaly and she named Paul and Joe brand after her two sons. Paul and Joe was first started as a men and women's clothes line then Sophie took it to the next level by adding a cosmetic line as well children's clothes line. The company's mission statement is to deliver "fun loving sophistication". Today I will be reviewing a couple of products from the cosmetic line that I received for review. Let me tell you dolls, I am living this brand for many different reasons. For Full Review Click Read More~~

  Hey Dolls, If you are like me and you are a sucker for packaging then Paul and Joe Beaute is made for us! They have most cutest packaging I have ever set my eyes on it diffidently  sets them apart from others, and If you see the amazing packaging and you know the brand then when you set your eyes on it you know its Paul and Joe. The 3 products I am going to share with you today is their Eye Color Set CS, Glossy Lip Color and their Spring 2014 Limited Edition Nail Enamels.

 Product Reviews and Performance~
LE Nail Enamels $16

Paul and Joe wants to capture and embrace Spring time on your nails, their floral colors of springtime are now available in 5 springtime shades that are layerable, luminous colors that lets you mix and match color hues.
  They have some really amazing ingredients and benefits that were added into the nail enamel formula. Such as Chamomile Extract, Japanese Pearl Oyster, Orange Flower Water, White lily extract that are going to add moisturizing properties, as well as Jojoba oil that acts like an emollient. Dolls I have never had a nail polish that have those properties.  The one I received was Petunia which comes in a beautiful packaging, that adds a nice luminous speckles of sparkle. You can use these by themselves or over a lighter shade for a gorgeous effect. The one thing that most impressed me is that before you shake the bottle  the sparkles collect at the bottom of the bottle and you have this pinkish watery consistency. Then inside the bottle there is 2 small silver balls. At first I was like how am I going to get them out lol. But then when I shake   the bottle I noticed that the  2 silver balls helps with moving the sparkle all around to even it out . Causing the sparkle to apply evenly on the nails and not clumpy.

Glossy Lip Color $29
 There are 10 shades of the Glossy lip colors from your lights to your bolds, when you apply these products on your lips it feels so light and refreshing. These are super pigmented, long wearing, creamy, non sticky, lip colors. The smashed doe foot applicator allows for precise application, with the most softest bristles on a lip gloss I have ever used. As like the nail enamel these Glossy Lip Colors are made with great beneficial ingredients such as Lavender Oil that is an emollient, Safflower Extract that works as a moisturizer as will as other ingredients that help and protect the lips.

Eye Color Set CS $38~
 These takes you back to your childhood when you used to read  fairytales, and that's where the inspiration of these eye sets came from. You can create the most prettiest eye look with these for a  soft gorgeous look, to adding a little sparkle to them to create a luminous eye catching finished look. There 3 sets to choose from they are made with the same ingredients just like the previous products I talked about. The packaging reminds me of a little book and when you open the cover you read Where Fairy Tales Begins! Well Paul and Joe you sold me! I love that it creates an experience,and performs wonderfully. You really feel like a princess when you open the product. The one I received is called  Princess  this eye set  has a pink cream based eyeshadow, a soft lavender powder eyeshadow, and a glass bottle that comes with champagne gold sparkles. The 2 eyeshadows are super pigmented and long wearing. The champagne gold sparkles are finely milled so when you use them on your eyes it doesn't look clumpy, just adds a little sparkle. Which I love! normally I don't like using to much sparkle because it can look clumpy, so that is a huge plus in my book!

 Well Dolls if you have tried any of Paul and Joe products let me know which ones you have tried, if you haven't tried any of the products head on over to their website and check out their amazing clothes line and beauty collection.

 Thanks So much for stopping by and remember "Everyday is your runway so you better work it dolls!"

 Until Next Time xoxo~

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