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Laura Geller is the queen of multi functioning products that will get you looking 4 snaps snaps of fierceness when your in the rush to get out the door.She is also very known for her baked products that  have key ingredients that will treat your skin while you wear it. Her latest Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Ballerina and Gilded Honey will give you luminous glowing skin and not only that Gilded Honey is a dupe for the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo highlighter and her latest Luscious Lips Liquid lipsticks will give you those Kylie Jenner lips for this summer 2015. Full Review and swatches.

 Editor Press Samples: Summer is just around the corner and some of us are  downsizing our makeup routines for that glowing no makeup makeup looks to some of us still doing our full makeup routines to achieve that Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez style of looks. I have some products that will get you looking fierce for this summer 2015 and all year round!

Luscious Lips Liquid Lipstick
 These lippies are my killer lip combo for this summer! The packaging is your standard see through bottle with a doe foot applicator. The texture is thin and fast drying, even though it is a long wearing lipstick and the texture is your average liquid lipstick it does not dry out your lips. They do not fan or feather out on your lips and will with hold during your normal,talking and eating non greasy foods for about 3-4 hours. These will not accentuate any dry patches on your lips or if you have mature lips will not settle in any fine lines your lips might have. The shade peach cream is the perfect Kylie Jenner lip color.

Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator:

These new illuminators are in a shaped of swirls of goodness! The texture for being a baked product is silky and creamy with minimal fall out. I was surprised on how finely they are.  Even though they are swirl engravings after x amount of uses these will not loose their shape. I have been using these everyday for the past 2 weeks and have barely made a dent. You can use these all over in the areas you highlight as well as for eyeshadows. I have even used Ballerina as a blush. Gilded Honey is a true dupe for the Makeup Forever Pro Scalpting Duo's highlighter. So if you fell in love with that highlighter and wanted to pick it up on it's own then you can pick up Laura Geller's and you are all set. These will not cling on to any problematic areas and will last all day even through hot flashes!

Well Dolls I am loving loving these they are perfect to get your summer glow on and with the liquid lipsticks I have the perfect summer lip combo. If you would like more product or purchase information you can head on over to Laura Geller's website at

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