Save Makeup Save Money Helpful Tips to making your Makeup Collection Lasts

Being a women is a hard thing to do, and to maintain our Glamorous lifestyle can be expensive. If we have a family or single we have to factor in our other responsibilities, before our beauty products etc. It's expensive being a women! We have to worry about our top 5's! Hair, Skin, Makeup, Clothes, Shoes (Ladies I am not adding the accessories in lol!). Well Today I am only going to focus on our beauty products and talk a little bit more on how to budget our fiances and our beauty products on our ever growing beauty collection.

  I know for me personally I feel that the cost of living has significantly gone up and if your a beauty fanatic or just a person who keeps with the beauty necessities it starts to become costly.I have a couple tips that I would like to share with you as well as an amazing post  from one  of the beauty editors Laura Ramos from HSN.

 Tip 1#
Arrange your makeup by category and color coordination~ When we throw our makeup all in one area like a dresser drawer,vanity, or storage boxes it just looks chaotic and a tad but over whelming. You don't know how much  items you really have and that causes you to just buy more products that you think you are going to need. But if you put all your mascaras together, your blushes, eyeshadows ect. You will start to get a feel of what you have to much off, and what you need. Once you have them in their separate areas start color coordinating them, then you will see I have way to many blue eyeshadows, or black felt tip eyeliners. You will start revisiting products you completely forgot about and in return you will start saving money and not repurchasing products that you already own.

Tip 2#
What for coupons~ Always try to use coupons, if a store is running a great sale you can use those coupons to save you Extra Money! Some places will give you a store coupon then you can use the manufacturer coupon and save even more. That's what I always do to add extra dollars in my savings.

Tip 3#
Secure and Lock~ The best way to prolong the life of a product so you do not have to go out running to buy a new one way to soon. Is to make sure you close each product tightly and securely, this will prolong the life of the product and keep from germs and bacteria to get into it.

Tip 4#
Create a daily makeup box~ When we have soo much beauty products  sometimes we tend to stick to the same products day in and day out. While the other products just sit and collect dirt. LOL.  My nightly routine after I do my night skin care regiment I always set my clothes aside all ready to go for the next morning. I have started doing that with my makeup, I have a makeup bag ready to go each morning with the products I am going to use. So at the end of every night I will put the products back that I used for that day and I grab products that I want to use for the next. That gets me reaching for more products from my stash. Try it out and let me know what you think after a 1 week you will not believe how much products you revisited and remember the ones you completely forgot about.

 Well Dolls that my tips on Save Makeup Save Money check out Lara Ramos post on HSN for more tips
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