Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Collection Review

CoverGirl has some major new permanent releases that are hitting the drugstore shelves. One of their newest collection is the Ready Set Gorgeous with loads of new products from liquid foundation, concealers, powder foundation and so much more. CoverGirl has also introduced that Katy Perry is their newest spokes model. On Today's review I will share with you my final thoughts on this newest collection. Click Read More For Full Review~

 Hello Beautiful Dolls, if you know me already or this is your first time here on Cdel Beauty. I get the sweats and the shakes when I see new displays and products at the drugstore. When I first found out about this collection I dressed in black and drove my black car all around town stalking CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aide, Target, Walmart you name it their asses where stalked.  Until I saw the beautiful display at Walgreens the harps played and a light shined on at that baby like fire! lol. So Dolls with out further ado lets get to the review shall we!!!???

CoverGirl has made this collection super shopper friendly on all the complexion products the shade numerals will be the same on the liquid foundation, powder foundation and concealer. So you will be able to have the full line with out one not being darker then the other. The pink and white packaging is very girly and feminine which I love love love! 

Product Review and Performance

Liquid Foundation 6.99 Covergirl's Claims~
One simple step for a flawless natural look that lasts all day. The formula blends easily to even out the skin tone and reduces shine all day. Oil free, won't clog pores, SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN!, lasts all day.

This product really does a great job evening out my skin tone, and provides great coverage that lasts all day. I have an oily T-Zone and after a 9 hour day I only had to retouch up once with the  Ready Set Gorgeous powder foundation. Feels super light weight on the skin and does not have an offensive odor to it.  A little bit goes a very long way! The bottle is a squeeze tube so be very careful not to over due it.  Trust me I learned the hard way I looked like the Cake Boss on TLC, when I went a little over board. It does have great mid to full coverage just leaving you a beautiful semi matte dewy finish. Best way I can explain it.

Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer Claims $5~
Helps concealer dark spots and imperfections in an instant while providing great cover that lasts all day

This concealer does an O.K. job on diminishing the appearance of the dark under eyes, but I personally feel it does an even better job at brightening your under eyes. The consistency is kinda on the thin watery side but it doesn't crease or seep into my lines. So I don't think Dolls with mature skin will have a problem using this product with settling into fine lines and  wrinkles. Overall  I do love this concealer it does about a mid coverage but better on the brightening department so it balances itself for me in my opinion.

Powder Foundation $6~

 I love love this powder foundation! The compact is all white with pink writing which sets itself apart from the rest of the boring old compacts. Very buildable coverage I really can say by itself or on top of foundation it is mid to full coverage. I just love the beautiful flawless look this product delivers you, and I haven't loved a powder like this in a long time!

Colorlicious Lip Glosses $7~
These to me were the biggest let down of the collection they are supposed to deliver high shine and great pigmentation basically all you get is a very sheer wash of color. I mean it looks like the shade of my lips but with a glossy finish. I don't think it's worth the 7 dollars for a sheer wash of color. I could find one more cheaper to do the same thing.

Well Dolls overall I really do love this new collection I will be forever more repurchasing the complexion products but I will be skipping  out on the Colorlicious lip glosses. Don't forget to #instaglamyourself your photos when you rock out your new Ready Set Gorgeous products. Let me know if you are going to get these products in your life and what you think of the overall collection in the comment section below.

 Well Dolls always remember that everyday is your runway so you better work it! Until next time xoxo

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