Wantable April 2014 Review

PR~Wantable Box is monthly beauty subscription service where you can choose between 3 boxes makeup, jewelry, and intimates. You have to take a very personalized  questionnaire where you put your loves, likes, and dislikes. You will never receive something you dislike, and for $36 a month if you do not like your box you can always resend it back to get a new one or a refund. This is my April 2014 

 Hey Beautiful Dolls, I have another Wantable Makeup box to share with you, I received this box last Wednesday and had some time to put the products to the test to let you Dolls know how they worked out.  This month's box was curated by youtuber Kassie Edwardson from Shades of Kassie. She themed the box around products and shades that currently fit in with Spring trends. 

 You have to take a very intensive personalized questionnaire which separates Wantable from other beauty subscription services out there. So you will never receive anything that you put on your Dislike list.They will always send you a list of the products that you love, dislike, and like. The sheet also tells you what you have received and how much each item costs as well as a description on the product and how to use it.  I loved how this month they put "Packaged Especially for: Cynthia Del Rio" Now that's PERSONALIZATION!

When you open your box you always see a banner with a quote of inspiration this the one I received is from Marc Jacobs

I received 4 products this month and in those 4 I was introduced to 2 brands that I have not heard of but was excited to try.

Glam Natural Cream Blush in Ashley Ashley $32

I was surprised to see this product in my box because I had received the same product in my February box, but thank goodness it was in a different shade at least. The packaging is very glamours and the product does deliver. A little bit goes a very long way a half of a half of a pea sized amount of product and you will have enough for both cheeks. This shade gives you a beautiful just flushed with a pinch of pink cheeks, and it has a highlight glowly effect as well. Really reminds me of the Maybelline Master Glaze Blush stick with that luminosity blush effect. I have used this product as the tops of my cheeks for a highlight and in love on how the final result looks. 

Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Illuminator in Candlelight $11

I have never heard of Eddie Funkhouser and it's nice to be introduced to a new affordable brand. I used this product in the areas that I highlight and once applied and blended out. This product will give you that natural freshed face brightened look. So if you didn't get 8 hrs of sleep shh! Doll no one will notice after you applied this to your finished look. 

Liberty Republic Spellbound Nail lacquer in Enchanted $14

I knew that Liberty Republic was featured last month and I was excited to see that I received one of the nail lacquers. Normally I don't really care for nail polish in my beauty boxes but this one intrigued my nail senses LOL. I was hoping I wold receive Elixir but Enchanted is a beautiful color that suits my skin tone to the T. Super pigmented with one stoke you get a punch of color so you don't have to add 3 coats to achieve this  beautiful color.

LAQA & Co Fat lip pencil in Wolfman $18

Well if you read my last review on this product in Feb it is the same in April! At least this one has more pigmentation then the last one I received so there was a little glimpse of hope on this lip pencil I really wanted to love this due to the cute packaging. But dolls let me tell you it's a major FAIL! for me once again! When you swatch the product it looks like a beautiful rosy pink, but once I wore it on my lips it turns into a light light pale baby pink. Which doesn't look well with my skin tone and washes me out. 

Overall the products were great but I was disappointed to the fact that I basically received the same box I received back in February with same products with different shades. The only 2 brands that were brand new and that I was introduced to was the Liberty nail lacquer and Eddie Funkhouser which I am very happy that I got to try those brands. I could of went with another brand of blush and lip product to try out the other brands Wantable has to offer. 

 Well dolls have you tried Wantable before? They have a total of 3 monthly services they have to offer from Makeup, Jewelry, and Intimates. Check them out at the website and see what they have to offer So if your in the market to try a great monthly service out I highly recommend Wantable and remember if you do not like your box for that month you can always return the box and get a new one or get a refund. 

 Thanks Dolls so much for stopping by remember Everyday is your runway so you better work it!
Until next time xoxo

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