HSN Revamps Beauty and Makeup Site

HSN has been one of the leading companies out there that has expertise in their products and brands as well to the  person to person consumer relationships. Not to many companies out there like HSN, well they have recently revamped their beauty and makeup page. Let me tell you Dolls it's amazing on so many different levels! Here is why.. Click Read More For Full Review~

 Hello Beautiful Beauty Lovers!,  I don't know about you all but I like to be in on the current beauty trends. Spring here in Ohio is finally  coming around and I have been getting some inspiration and my shopping list to pick up some new products from brands and in different shades. A lot of that inspiration has come from HSN, the site is very user friendly you will not be bombarded with all these products thrown at you at the first glance.

 Very clean and tidy is what attracts me the most because you can navigate through the site by narrowing down your search in categories. If you want to see what the experts at HSN  suggests on current Spring 2014 trends with just 1 click you can see all the brands, products and sales. Under each product you can see what other consumers feel on a certain product, by seeing how many people Yellow Stared that product and snippets of their reviews on the products. Which is very helpful in determining if you want to purchase that particular product.

Get some inspiration just like this lovely video about self confidence from the makeup artist Carmindy who uplifts us women to rock our natural beauty and to know that we are BEAUTIFUL! and to Empower ourselves to take away the negativeness of the features we personally do not like about ourselves and to empower them and own them and know that feature we don't like is beautiful no matter what. 

Learn makeup tips from the beauty experts at HSN if your a veteran or a newbie to the art of applying makeup is always a learning process. By practicing what they suggest can really improve your techniques on applying your makeup or skincare. 

Tune in to HSN every Thursday nights at 7pm ET with Amy Morrison who shares all her current makeup trends from makeup,skincare, and hair care. Each week there is a new themed and this weeks theme is Spring Trends .

Well Dolls, go check out HSN's new beauty and makeup site. You will love the new products and brands you will be introduced to and the new information you will gain from their leading beauty experts
Well Dolls Thanks So Much by stopping by let me know in the comment section below what you think of the new revamping of HSN. Do you love it or leave it? You know I need the Deets Dolls!

 Always Remember Everyday is Your Runway so you better work it! Until Next Time XoXo

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