Pureology Fresh Approach Review

As we all know as an everyday women we are constantly on the go, if it's to work,school, taking the kids to soccer practice, hitting the gym after work. Sometimes we do not have enough time of the day to keep ourselves presentable without having all the time to sit down and do our hair and makeup. So as woman on the Go we have to relay on products that will get us looking Fierce under 5 minutes especially our second or third ;) day hair or if we need to give our hair a quick pick me up Pureology's Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner  has you covered.

Editor Press Samples:  Pureology's Fresh Approach has 2 products into their collection for the women on the go, there is a Dry Shampoo and the Dry Conditioner that offers some key ingredients.

Dry Shampoo Good For All Types of Colour-Treated Hair 

If your a doll on the go, and running on 2 or 3 day hair or even if your like me who has to wash their hair everyday because your scalp is naturally oily you are going to want to add this into your collection and throw in your purse,makeup bag, gym bag, or brief case. This is seriously the best dry shampoo I have EVER TRIED, if you have black hair,blonde hair, red or any other color hair this does not have that white cast that normal dry shampoos leave. Which I was super shocked because I kept doing pumps of sprays and nothing! No residue or that extra tacky feeling, but you do have to mush the product at the base of your roots to spread the product all over your hair. And say good bye to the oiliness and hello fresh looking and feeling hair, and I have to say the scent of this is amazing! It smells like a nice perfume but not to over powering and it lingers for a while which I love.

Dry Conditioner is for Dry Undisciplined Colour Treated Hair

The dry conditioner is a GOD SEND for us dolls who have unruly, dry,frizzy, damaged and what ever hair problem you might have with your hair. It instantly tames and smoothes frizzy hair or those stubborn fly aways. Locks in moisture and gives you the power and control of how you want your hair to be and how you want it to look. This is a travel size version so you can toss this with you while your on the go so you can touch up where ever you go.

Well dolls I have to say these 2 are a must have in your Go To arsenal, they will help you looking Fierce in no time while your out and about combating your day. 

 If you would like more product or purchase information head on over to Pureology's website and check out the vast collection of products for all hair types that they have to offer.

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