Getting Your Skin Ready For Summer Featuring Aveeno

Summer is just around the corner and now we are downsizing our makeup and beauty routines to simple no makeup makeup looks and giving our skin time to breath. Now is a perfect time to treat our normal, dry, oily, and combination skin more than ever. Aveeno has a whole collection of products to choose from that range from baby skin care products to products that will give us Radiant looking skin,

 Editor Press Samples: Aveeno is a leading drugstore skincare line that offers high performing products at an affordable price point. They have a very extensive product line and I have a few of their products that I have incorporated into  my skincare routine .Some of the products that I have been using is from their Naturals and Radiant collection. 

Positively Nourishing Smoothing Body Wash in Pomegranate 
 Dolls the scent of this is beyond amazing, I could go through this bottle in one wash! The texture and consistency reminds me of watered down oatmeal *best way I can describe it!* with small grains/beads that will help exfoliate your skin. This exfoliator will remove the layer of dead skin to bring out moisturized,silky, smoother looking and feeling skin. If you are person who does self tanner I highly! suggest this product, since using this I have not had any streaks or weird tan spots we all run away from when it comes to self tanning. 

 Side Note: I have really dry and cracked feet due to my illness and I like to take a foot tub add 1/2 cup of this product into the warm water with a table spoon of epsom salt and stick my feet in the foot tub for about 30 to 45 minutes and then use a pumice stone after wards and stick my feet back in the tub for 10 minutes more while watching t.v. or drafting up a blog. Dolls my dry and cracked feet no more!! Try it loves you will Thank me later! This will help you get sandal and flip flop ready in no time!

After exfoliating your skin, you definitely need a product that will work around the clock nourishing your skin by hydrating and moisturizing

Naturals Positively Nourishing Energizing Moisturizer in Pomegranate and Grapefruit
This too has another amazing scent, the texture and consistency is light weight and non greasy. Upon contact with your skin, your skin will instantly absorb the product. This makes your skin feel like cashmere not only for a couple of hours but for all day. If your like me and have crazy dryness all over your body you will see the instant results but after  using this consecutively for 7 days you will get  more results of healthy smooth looking and feeling skin.

In the Summer or all year round there are some of us who have dark spots or dull skin. Aveeno's Positively Radiant collection offers a great range of products that will  take care of the problem after just 2 weeks of incorporating them into your daily skin care routine. 

 This dynamic duo has been a game changer in my skincare routine to minimize the appearance of dark spots while making my skin look healthy,radiant and kicks the dull skin days to the curb.

 The moisturizer is a little bit on the tackier side but absorbs quickly into the skin, I feel a little bit of a tingly sensation it's not to much but it's very minimal. I do have to use 3 pumps to apply all over my face. It does make my skin feel silky,smooth, and supple instantly but the long term results is beyond amazing I have tried many products to even out my dark spots and take of my dull skin and this product has really done that and more.

 The cleanser is a cream and gel based consistency that will give your skin a deep cleanse removing makeup and minimizing the appearance of your pores. The surface of your skin feels smooth,fresh and so clean.

I feel that using the facial wash or just the moisturizer by themselves you will get decent results of minimizing the dark spots and making your skin more radiant and less dull. But if you use them together you will see better results.

 Well dolls, that's it for the suggestions on how to get your skin ready for the Summer. I am very impressed by the quality and performance of each and every product. If you would slap a higher price tag I would definitely would not think twice about it. These products are that good!

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