Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr foundation and Wonder'Lash Review

Rimmel London recently released some new amazing products into their collection here in the USA. Sometimes it takes months or even a year to see some of the items from Rimmel London UK in the drugstore shelves here in the US. So when they finally brought this collection over here I was so excited. Their Lasting Finish 25hr with comfort serum foundation and Wonder'Lash that has argan oil are finally here! These items are perfect for everyday especially for the hot and warmer months that are upon us.Full Review and Swatches

 Editor Press Samples: Rimmel London's newest Lasting Finish collection  offers a primer and a foundation that will uphold your makeup through sweat, humidity, and will last you all day. The foundation also has a skin perfecting serum built into it so when you are wearing the product it's protecting and treating your skin.
The packaging is an all glass bottle with no pump which for some could be a downer  but you can always pick one up for  a couple of dollars the texture and consistency is thin and it can be runny due to the serum,  literally the tiniest amount will be enough to cover your entire face during application. This is a satin finish which offers medium to full coverage, your skin will become a blank perfected canvas which is perfect for those who have problematic skin. It does uphold during sweat,heat, oiliness, doesn't cling on to your dry spots and will last all day until you use a cleanser to remove the product. It does last all day I don't know about 25 hours but I know it does last a 13 hour work day through hot flashes!! So if you ask me if you need this foundation then I would say YES! There's also a good range of shades to choose from light to a deeper skin tone and you  Only have to touch up once with powder foundation around hour 7 and your good to go.
Picture of my Skin in natural lighting no filters no adjustments but flawless skin!

Wonder' Lash is in a league of it's own it contains argan oil, at first I thought to myself this is gimmicky how is this really going to work in a mascara form, but chilis I was wrong. The packaging is sleek and in the color of a bronze gold look to it. 

The formula is light weight and not to wet like a normal mascara formula  it's more of a creamy texture. The brush head is in a shape of 2 cones a bigger one and a slimmer one at the top with small to larger bristles that will allow you to coat all your lashes to even the smaller ones. It lengthens and separates each lash, while making them feel soft and not stiff hard like some mascaras do. There is very little transference so if you have a problem of a mascara getting all over your upper eye lid or under eyes don't worry the Wonder'Lash got's  you covered. This will not flake off or cause raccoon eyes and will come off until you use a cleanser. I love this mascara and enjoy using it every day and I don't even have to curl my lashes because it gives the illusion that I did so I am loving loving that aspect of this product.
Results is taken at the end of my 9 hour work day NO FLAKES NO RACCOON EYES!!

 Well loves have you tried any of these 2 products? Are you thinking of picking them up let me know in the comment section below!
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