New SmashBox L.A. Lights Lip and Cheek Color

Smashbox Summer 2015 Collection has a ton of amazing makeup products that will get your mouth watering and wallets emptied. Products that will give you the most beauty eye looks to glowing luminous skin. There latest LA Lights Lip and Cheek Color sticks will give your complexion the most luminous Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez glow to a bronzed goddess for that perfect at the beach look. You can use them on your lips and easily blend them out on your cheeks. You can pick these up at your local Sephora and Ulta Beauty stores and where ever Smashbox is sold in store or online. Full Review and Swatches

\Editor Press Samples: Summer collections are my favorite next to Fall product launches. Smashbox's latest lip and cheek color are the perfect product to toss in your bag when your on the run and to give you that perfect summer beachy look.
The packaging is a sleek twistable tube with a hefty amount of product, at the end of the of the product there is a sponge applicator that can be used to blend the product after application. They are a little bit on the stiff side so you have to be careful in blending because you can end up wiping the product off. Each tube has the color shade of the end of the  product so you will know at all times the color your picking up even if you store it upside down.

The texture and consistency is creamy like butter and with the lightest swatch you get intense pigmentation. You don't have to build up the the intended color which I love! You can blend this with ease using your fingers, stipple brush, or the applicator that is provided. While blending out the product on your cheeks it melts right into your skin and will not disrupt your liquid or powdered foundation. The shades that I have are all satin finishes that will not cling onto any problematic areas i.e. large, acne prone skin, mature skin, dry skin and will not slick off oily skin. The product lasts on the cheeks for 7-9 hours and will not come off if your sweating which is a major must have in a product during the summer months. 

On the lips these are moisturizing and will last for 3 hours with your normal talking,drinking and eating non greasy foods. They do not fan or feather out on your lips and will not cling on to any dry areas. For me personally silver lake sunset looked ashy and odd on my lips but with a lip gloss as a topper it makes it more wearable.

These are great for  any look your trying to achieve this summer. I highly recommend these and think you should at least own one! You can even use them as a highlighter or bronzer and the color looks amazing when you blend, just dot a couple dots and your all ser!. 

 Are you thinking on picking up anyone of these? If so let me know in the comment section below. 
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