Wet N Wild Blush and Glow Summer 2015 LE Collection

New Wet N Wild Blush and Glow Trio is one of the sought after limited edition and summer 2015 collections this year at the drugstore beauty sections. This collection has been one of the toughest collection to find in store to date. Wet N Wild always releases some fun and exciting limited edition collections out of all the brands in the drugstore's beauty sections. These newest trios are part of the their Silver Lake collection that has 1 highlighter, 1 blush, and 1 bronzer. Some of the shades in the trio's are dupes for The Balm and one of them is a dupe for the Nars Orgasm Blush at more than half the cost! Full review and swatches.

Purchased: When I tell you this LE collection is one of the most sought after collections this season that's really putting it lightly. I have gone from the the 5 mile radius to 45 mins from my house to try to locate these trios for me and my bestie Olivia to put in her care package since she moved to a new state and I know she's being dying to have this in her collection made me want to find it even more! So chilis when I found out that a Walgreens 30 minutes from my house finally got the shipment I was in my car within 1 minute lol. NO JOKE NO LIE!
of the 3 trios comes in a big white circular disk which is typical for WNW's summer le collections. each trio you will find 1 highlighter, 1 blush and 1 bronzer that will last you all year and then some due to the huge amount of product you will be receiving. Plus each half is big enough for you to stick a full size brush during application without picking up any of the other 2 shades.

Each section of trios are in true WNW fashion silky to the touch, highly  pigmented and easy to work with. Very minimal fall out and does not crumble when you swatch with your fingers or brush which last summer's le did.
Sunset Junction:

Fair Trade Coffee:

Solar Powered:

The highlighters in Sunset Junction and Fair Trade Coffee are in the exact same shade, they are beautiful shades that reminds me of The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer . Only con with both highlighters is that I wish WNW would have chosen a different shade of highlight for both trios instead of the exact same shade, that also applies for the bronzers that have the exact same bronzer shade. So if your an avid collector when it comes to makeup limited editions you are picking up all 3 only  for the sake of having the different blush shades that the collection offers. Which to me is kinda like why oh why Wet N Wild could you have done one trio with a pink highlight, and a cool toned bronzer or a peach highlighter with a peach blush and a mid tone brown the combinations are endless so I don't understand why Sunset and Fair Trade are the exact same highlighter and bronzer with a different blush color. 

 Solar Powered is different all around because it has a deeper bronze and a copper bronzer that could be used as a highlighter for someone with a deeper complexion and the blush that comes in this trio reminds me of the Nars Orgasm blush just a little bit deeper, when you blend the blush out it's heaven on your cheeks!

If you can find at least one you are are going to be set I can't pick out my favorite of the 3 but Solar Powered's blush does get a lot of use and for days I want a no makeup makeup look I got for Sunset Junction.

 Have you picked up any of these trios yet? Let me know in the comment section below.
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