NUME Lustrum Set Review

NUME professional is popular for their amazing curling wands that comes in an array of barrel sizes, flat irons and their hair care products. Their Lustrum set is a 5 in one curling iron with 5 different sized barrels to create an array of hair styles from loose curls to smaller and tighter ones. If your looking to try out NUME and you are a first time user I highly suggest looking into this particular set because you get a chance to have a taste of their smaller to bigger sized barrels all in one. Full Review

 Editor Press Samples: NUME professional products also come in a great array of colors to choose from when picking out a styling tool. which gives you the option to personalize your styling wand instead of the same old standard color.

The curling wand comes in a long cylinder tube and rolled up is a heat proof leather bag that has 6 slots where you can store each barrel and the bottom half of the styling tool as well a nook for your heat protecting glove. 

The heat glove is an added bonus due to the fact that 90% of the time you will not get one that already comes in a set when purchasing with another brand. The heat glove doesn't full protect you from getting your hands burned when touching the tool it's only good when your working with the sections of your hair. Trust me I learned the hard way! The single glove can be used on both hands and it fit most hand sizes.

The inter changeable base of the wand has and on and off switch that doesn't have a temperature indicator. The styling tool will heat up to 410 F in just a matter of seconds it  literally takes 15 seconds or less.The base of the wand where the cord is located it will turn 360 degrees around so when your doing your hair it will move with ease instead of having to readjust yourself so the cord will not pull out of the electric socket. When changing the barrels all you have to do is pop in the wand and move the dial to lock and to take off you move it to unlock and pull out. It's that easy!

All of the curling barrels are made out of 100% tourmaline infused ceramic.  You will use less hair spray because the curls will stick closer together and your curls could last up to 3 days even with you sleeping on it without  a night hair cap. 

Here's what the Lustrum set includes:

You can create endless looks with this set and different sizes of curls. I like each barrel and loving the different looks each one does on their own as well in using 2 different sizes. Non of the wands were a dud they all performed amazingly the only 2 cons is that it doesn't have the temperature gage to really prove it is at 410 degrees. I know it gets really hot in seconds but I just would love to know if it's really getting that hot. The 2nd con is that you have to wait until the wand is cooled down before you changed to another barrel if your going to want different styles of curls and that's even attempting to use the heat protecting glove. 

My go to look has been a messy beach waves look and I have been using the Pearl and the 19 mm curling wand.

Well dolls as you can see  have a great messy beach wave style which I am LOVING THIS SEASON!!
I highly recommend this set if your new to NUME and would like to sample their different sizes of curling wands.
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