Beauteque's April BB Bag and Head to Toe Bag Review


Beauteque is an Asian beauty and skincare online store that carries Etude House,My Beauty Diary, The Face Shop, TonyMoly etc. at affordable prices easily accessible to everyone especially in the USA. They have launched a non subscription monthly beauty,skincare and lifestyle bag where you receive 5 luxury full size products which is called Head 2 Toe, in addition to that Beauteque has a sister site which offers a monthly subscription subscription service called where you get 7 full size luxury skincare, beauty and lifestyle products and  customers get the option to customize some products yet still be surprised with the rest. Full Review on these new exciting services.

 Editor Press Samples: Beauteque has me running in circles move over MemeBox there's a new Asian Beauty subscription and non subscription service in town. I have loads of products to go over with you dolls today so let me share with you what I received in both of my bags for April 2015.

BB Bag

Here is an over view of what to expect with BB Bag monthly subscription service  that is Beauteque's sister site and you can subscribe for this service at
  1. Seven to Eight full sized products in every bag
  2. Includes makeup, skincare, fashion, lifestyle products
How the Subscription works

  1. Customers can subscribe for Month to Month, 3 month prepaid, 6 month prepaid, or 12 month prepaid
  2. They get billed on the 15th of every month if they subscribe for the Month to Month option
If they subscribe after the 5th, they will be receiving next month’s bag. (ex. If you subscribe on Feb 6th, you will be receiving March’s bag


  1. Month to Month=$24/month
  2. 3 months=$24/Month
  3. 6 months=$23/month
  4. 12 months=$22/month
All the BB Bags get shipped out starting the 15th of each month

  1. Every bag has a few products where customers can choose options
  2. Examples of the options are lotion scent, lipstick color, perfume flavor, etc
  3. Options will be emailed with a survey format on the 15th  of every month
  4. If customers do not choose their options by the 20th, they will receive what the team will pick for them
Now that I have shared with you what the service is and what it is all about let me show the goodies that I received. OOH MAJOR POINT! EACH BAG THAT YOU GET is going to be different that will fit the current theme! So new makeup bag for your goodies each month!!

This month's theme is Mad for Plaid where you get a fun all plain makeup bag.
With this service you get a full product card with pricing and the break down of what the product's name is, what it is and how you can use it. Which is great because a majority of Asian products has their writing on it, and some come with English translation but it's good to have the card in case there isn't any English on it.  With this month's bag I got to pick up 2 of the products shades or scents and one of them was the Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack cream in Blueberry but! unfortunately I loved this product so much I kept it in my bath room right next to my routine skincare products and I dropped it and it shattered all over the bathroom floor! I was soooo heart broken!! The packaging literally looked like a jar of honey but it was a night cream :( Dolls the smell was soo good a blueberry that wasn't an over powering artificial scent. You apply it at night and wash it off in the am but your skin feels so moisturized in the am.The texture was a creamy and my skin instantly drank it up. I am soo going to miss that product and I keep kicking myself that it slipped through my hands.

Another product scent that I got to pick out was the Its Skin Macaron Lip Balm in Strawberry retails for $9.00 the packaging is just like a Macaron all in pink and it smells like fresh picked strawberries. There is no tint to this lip balm, and the texture is creamy and glides on to your lips. It adds and locks in moisture and doesn't feel greasy on your lips. If you have chapped dry lips this is a God send to your lips!! Plus who can't beat that beyond cute packaging!!

Razor $8.00 
Now when I first saw this I was confused lol a razor in a beauty box!!?? The packaging is cute and it's all pink it makes you want to use it even more lol. But it does do a real close shave, and you do have to be careful because the razor does have some sharpness to it for a close shave. It says it can be used with the next product that is a moisturizer as a shave cream but I don't see how those 2 products could be used together, I can see the moisturizer afterwards but not as the shave cream, but besides that it did a good job shaving off my legs and forearms. * don't laugh I shave my arms I hate body hair! lol*

Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream $12
This is the product is supposed to be used with the razor as a shave cream but it's really a moisturizer and a pretty good one too! It has Alaskan glacial waters,coral reef waters and more!! OMG this is heaven in a bottle this bag is giving me life with the the skin care products. It is a gel based consistency and instantly is absorbed into your skin and feels soo refreshing and your skin  looks plumped and healthy. If you have extreme dry patches throughout your complexion say good bye after just a few days of using this. The scent is so fresh and clean and you just want to use this all over from head to toe.

$4 Hanaka Magic Garden Series Sheet masks are the types of masks I love that are face sheets. The oil control masks kept my T-zone area 3 days without oiliness I know right! how can it be but it did! The 
whiteness one I really didn't see a full brightening to my complexion, it just looked more fresh faced.

Hanaka Camellia Powder Wash $11
You get 7 packets of exfoliating facial powder that is not your normal type of facial cleanser. I don't know if you haven't noticed but it is an up and coming skin care trend. All you do is wet your hands and face open a packet of the powder and voola you have a high performing facial wash. That will not only deep cleanse your skin right into your pores, but also locks in moisture and hydration, making your look and feel soft and supple.

Holika Holika S Body Jiggle Patch $7.00

I am going to be 1000% honest with you I could not bring myself to use this product, I am plus sized girl and I don't see how this one patch was going to do me any justice lol o I can't give you a small review.
Well all in all I think this was a very good bag, I thoroughly enjoyed 99% of the products that were sent the performance and what I received as a whole was amazing. Only only only con I would have to say is I wish there was atleast 1 or 2 more makeup products I could of swapped the razor or one of the masks for an eye shadow or a blush. But I give this bag 9/10 Snaps of Fierceness plus the Holika Holika Honey Sleeping pack mask that broke was 19.00 and was one in my top 10 all time best facial products my skin has ever used but unfort we know how that ended :(

Next up is Beauteque's Main site monthly limited edition bag which is Head to Toe this month's theme was all about Tony Moly and I have been D-Y-I-N-G to try more and more Tony Molly products so I was super pumped to get this bag.

Here is all the information about the Head To Toe Bag
Depending on the month the price is $22-30
Monthly limited edition bag  that offers Seven to Eight full sized products in every bag that includes makeup, skincare, fashion, lifestyle products. Each bag has a monthly theme past Head To Toe bags were Pink, Milk,Breakfast, and Spa. Which if you want to check the past Head To Toe Bags I highly suggest going on Youtube because the past bags look pretty amazing!!

$3 this 3 step nose pack will have your blackheads clinging on to the patch like a magnet say good bye pores! I have already plan on picking this up from the Beauteque's website and will forever be purchasing this nose strips. I thought the 3 steps was a bit excessive but! the whole set works amazing!!

$10 this is a lip scrub in that comes in the packaging of lips which makes it even more fun with the adorb packaging. The scrub is more like cream scrub which I haven't been used to but it really exfoliates your lips gets the dead skin off, makes your lips feel smooth and prepped for any long wearing lip stain or lip products that can be drying on the lips. That prevents the lip products from fanning or feathering out on your lips or clinging on to dry areas.

Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask Scrub $11
This scrub texture is sugar consistency which doesn't smell too sweet that people who are sensitive to scents would get bothered. The scrub removes all the layer of dead skin leaving your skin smooth like a babies bottom.

$12 The lip concealer is in a skintone shade, it's not to runny or creamy meets right in the middle. This makes your lips all one shade to bring out the intensity  and intended color of any pigmented lip product many people who have naturally pigmented lips this will even the color out and bringing out the intended shade of the lip product. You can even use this lip concealer on your lids for eye shadow primer or even some people can use it as a concealer. Must importantly this is not a lip concealer that will dry out your lips which I was totally surprised about!

Can we take a minute to appreciate the cutest packaging in this bag!! Who doesn't want their hand cream in the actual shape of an orange!lol! I know I do!! The whitening hand cream is non greasy, locks in moisture and revives the appearance of your hands. I don't think that it's really whitening my hands but the texture and appearance looks better. 

HD Straightening Cream $16
  I must admit I was afraid of using this product when I first sat down and read the directions, it's seems like a salon strength product.And it is, but I did try it and wow let me tell you I have tested this on my sister who has super super curly hair and her hair has been straight for days! And mine is  straighter to the poing I can brush my hair with my fingers and not even use a BRUSH! NO LIE! The scent is over powering but it's the best at home straightening system I have tried to date.  This is a 2 step system process and you have to be careful and wash your hair exactly in the time frame that is in the directions are you hair will be in big trouble. 

To tie this month's bag is 2 pumice stones to remove the dead skin off your feet for smooth healthy looking feet for the Spring and Summer especially since we are going to be showing them more and more in the up coming months.

I am loving everything about this month's Head to Toe Tony Moly themed  bag, I got to try a lot of great skincare and hair care products from this month's bag that I have fallen in love a lot of the products performance especially the packaging!

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