Ofra Cosmetics Face Contouring Palette Review

Contouring is one of the biggest beauty trends since late last year and all of 2015. Everyone from drugstore beauty brands to highend makeup brands have released their own version of contouring products from contouring sticks to cream and powder contouring palettes. If your a beginner to contouring it can be a tad bit overwhelming on trying to find the best one to suit you. OFRA cosmetics is brand that offers high quality and performing  professional makeup and skincare products and they have recently released their cream contour palette. Full Review and Swatches plus a great discount code at the end of the article.

 Editor Press Samples: From a  beginners aspect on contouring I am looking for a cream palette that gives me enough range to customize and mix up my own shades that will better suit me personally, as well in giving me the most natural contour lines as possible in case I have messed up lol.

 Ofra's contour palette offers 6 shades that will give you the range of mixing the perfect shade for your skintone.
Contour Shades

  • Deep
  • Tan
  • Light Tan
Highlight Shades
  • Fair midtone beige 
  • medium beige
  • yellow

You can even mix up your own foundation or tinted moisturizer which is an added extra bonus for us everyday users to the professional makeup artist. 

 The packaging is are hard black light weight  book with a magnetic closer. There is a thick plastic sleeve that is provided some people throw those away, but I keep it because I don't want my product to damage. You get 6 big sized cream products which to me is comparable to a full size compact foundation. 

The texture and consistency is kinda mixed across the board the darker contour shades are very creamy and silky to the touch. They are easy to build up the color intensity that your going for as well in diffusing and melting the deeper shades into your skin to refine your facial features. If your like me and are planning on mixing a few shades you will be able to with ease.

Highlighting shades are a little bit on the dryer side in texture. I had to put a small drop of argon oil to soften them up a tiny bit after doing so each shade was even easier in application and blending. You can conceal and cover any problematic features ie dark circles, acne break outs and anything else you would like to conceal. I like to take the middle highlight shade and mix it with the lighter contour shade for the perfect cooler contour shade. I have been all about contour shades that are on the cooler side vs the warmer side in the months I am not as tan.

Swatches Contour Shades:

 Swatches Highlighting Shades:

Overall I think this palette is one of the best contour palettes I have tried and compared to the others I am currently testing out. One reason is because you not only have a contour palette but you have foundation and a concealer palette that comes with 6 full sized shades. You have the option in mixing a couple of shades together to customize for your particular skin color and under tone.This palette will not cling on to acne prone skin and dry skin or  slick off if you have oily skin. As well in being super blendable with your brush or fingers.

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