Get Holiday Ready with Smashbox

Press Samples: Hello Beautiful Dolls! I know the Holiday Festivities can get filled with emotions excitement, happy, stress lol. Well I have some products from Smashbox that will get you looking fierce in no time.

 The Photo OP Trios are really great alternative to a palette. Some people get overwhelmed when they see all those colors and they don't know what colors go with what where and why LOL. So to cut that confusion out a trio is a really great alternative in my personal opinion. You can get a decent amount of everyday looks to dramatic and fierce. You would be surprised with the looks you can create with just 3 colors. I love the quality and performance of each of these shadows. Each shadow is pigmented, easy to work with in building up the color and buffing it out. They didn't crease out on me either so that is a major plus in my eyes. And you can just stick this in your travel bag or clutch and be on your way. I know some people work during the Holidays and they have to leave from work straight to their festivities to eliminate all the extra stuff and space this is perfect.

 Halo Blush is a different type of blush in on it's own, you twist it and it gives you shavings of the product. I love this because you twist the amount you want and your not wasting all that goodness vs loose powder when your tapping it out you loose a lot of product and it's messy. And I don't know why but every time I twist I feel like I am shaving out brand new product does that make sense? I can't explain it. But the product just glides on to your skin and leaves  your skin with a gorgeous warmth and inner glow to your complexion. The finish is more of a satin finish which I love because chili I do not like matte blushes they just feel flat to me. Better than that it stays on your skin like super glue, so if your dancing the night away or Christmas Caroling all around town your cheeks will look fierce darling just fierce!

 To finish this look off I tied in my favorite Always Sharp 3D Liner in 3D Pacific I am always a little bit afraid to play with color, but to break free from that I have been adding a pop of color to my water line. I have been using this gorgeous teal green to my water line with pretty much alot of the makeup looks these days. It reminds me of Christmas and a perfect color to add a little sprucing to the look. Glides on to your water line without pulling or tugging and better than that it lasts ALL DAY!

 Well dolls that's it for my Get Holiday Ready with Smashbox these products will get you looking fierce in no time without having to use 2 trains and a plane packed with products to get ready this Holiday Season.

 Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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