PUR Minerals Fall Essentials

Press Sample~ "At Pür Minerals, we like to describe our mineral makeup as “makeup with a purpose.” All products are formulated with good-for-your-skin ingredients that not only help cover skin imperfections but also help correct its overall appearance. And with countless clinical studies under our belt, the proof is in the pictures." And that is why I love PUR! they do not test on animals and their products really offer great quality. 

 You probably already know if you have been keeping up with me here that I love FALL! It is my all time favorite season. And if you are new welcome big hugs from mi casa to your casa. I always have talked highly about PUR Minerals because they really offer great performing products that treat your skin over time while you wear it. It's all natural, they do not test on our furry friends and even though they are prestige cosmetic line they are not that expensive in my personal opinion.  So I had picked out a few products are great to get you fall ready so let's get into it shall we?

You know that saying when painting a room you have to prep the walls before you paint? Well that saying exactly! hits it on the nail when applying foundation. You need to apply primer before any powder or foundation. There are so many primers out that to combat skin discoloration, even skin tones out, redness, pores you name it there is a primer out there. 

 The Correcting Primer Illuminate and Glow adds a nice subtle glow to your foundation while prolonging the wear. It evens and smooths out your skin tone giving you that very light dewy Kim K look. For me personally I am all about that life! You can even use it as a highlight on top of your foundation and Dolls let me tell you it looks killer!

Perfect Fit Eyeshadow Trio "Little Miss Perfect"
These colors are nicely pigmented, satin finish and the colors are so appealing to me all year round especially for the Fall and that wine color oh my goodness i love that color!. You can make a quick sandwich look if you are on a time crunch to look well put together. Or you can deepen the outer v and smudge the brown shade under your eyes for more dramatic look. Even though it's only 3 shades dolls you can make a few looks out of it. 

Chateau de Vine Mineral Lipstick in Fashionista 

I think I picked out this lipstick because of the name! lol! and the cute packaging it comes in. "Using exclusive Farm to Jar ingredients — including age-defying Resveratrox® and Vitisin, freshly harvested from Bordeaux's finest wine-producing grapes—this one-of-a-kind formula reverses visible signs of early aging, like lip lines and wrinkles, so you can toast to younger-looking lips with every kiss. Paraben-free. Gluten-free." All the benefits in a lipstick is beyond amazing! I love it love it love it!

Lip Gloss Stick in Beach Bum
Ohh Chilie I use this on a daily! I am all about the chubby lipsticks craze right now and I love how this color doesn't change after a while wear. It adds that moisture shine goodness to your lips. When I have chapped lips I will use this because it smooths your lips out keeping does chapped lips at bay. You do have to reapply after 1 or 2 but hey! I love this lip stick so much I over look it! 

PUR Intensity Silky Gel Eyeliner in Coffee Quartz
Well Dolls when they say silky it is not joke, at first I wasn't to crazy about it to be honest. I felt it was to sheered out for a gel eyeliner, BUT! after using it for a while I feel in love. It's so easy to glide on to your lash line, and water line. I have not had to many of gel eyeliners I can use on my waterline, it doesn't irritate your water line or smudge off. It does have a great staying power and is goof proof so if you make a mistake don't worry you can easily take it off and fix it, but once it's set baby it's set.

Miracle Mist Hydrating Facial Spray 
This spray is really Miracle in a bottle! It helps distressed, tired, dry, and everything in between skin types and problems. While setting and locking in your makeup look for a prolonged wear. It has so many key ingredients and benefits to it that you would think PUR was over selling themselves but they really are understanding the amazing performance of the spray. I like to keep it in the refrigerator and when I cleanse my face apply moisturizer I do a couple sprays let it dry do my normal makeup routine and mist my face again to lock in my look. I also like to take it with me in my makeup bag sometimes to give me a nice respray for a quick fix of a pick me up. This is a must have all year round but especially for Fall and Winter when our skin is the most driest state of the year. 

 Well Dolls that's my PUR Minerals Fall Essentials let me know in the comment section below if you have tried PUR out and whats your go to product. 

 Thanks For Stopping by and always remember "Everyday is your runways so you better work it!"

Until Next Time XoXo

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