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Press Sample: Prestige Cosmetics is all about women in powerment, all around the world there are Prestige Women! They are chic, daring, confident, yet playful and creative. They are at the forefront of beauty and makeup innovations with their advanced formulas and superior quality at a very affordable price tag. Their mission is to develop products that are break through, reach a higher level and "Elevate your EXPECTATIONS!"  I have been trying their newest products from their latest collection Total Intensity for full review click read more:

 Hello Beautiful Dolls! I hope that all of you are having a wonderful fantastic Fall is in the air type of day. I always get excited for the new seasons especially FALL! because that gives us the excuse to go out and buy season appropriate clothes and MAKEUP! lol.  I have been obsessing over a few products this season and some of those
 products are from Prestige's Total Intensity collection. Now i can't stress it enough that when you are at the drugstore or Ulta stop and check out this brand, you are going to fall in love head over heels just like I did! So let's get into these marvelous, fabulous, amazing, collection shall we?!?!

Total Intensity Collection~

True Metals Eyeshadows  Sterling and Copper $9.75
"A foiled look eye shadow that with one sweep of color creates an exquisite eye-catching metallic look. It enwraps lids in a long-wearing smooth and stunning glint of color with seamless blendability and a creaseless finish"

These are beyond pigmented, all you need is the lightest swatch or tab of your brush and you will get out of this world pigmentation. When I first saw the bumpy honey comb type of look, I was afraid to even swatch it because I thought it would break off at the top. I don't know why I thought that but trust me I was very gentle. You really don't have to be because it doesn't crumble down or have crazy fall out. But you really do not even need a primer with these. They are so vibrant in color, long wearing, and crease proof you can just skip out that step of applying primer to your lids. It's smoother than butter to apply and blend out, the formula and consistency of the true metals eyeshadows are just beyond amazing. I have heard these are almost dupes for some of the Nars shadows but I will research it more to see if it's true or not and I will get back to you, and let you know when I create a perfect fall look with these products.

Color Rush Eyeshadows Pretty in Pink  $9.75
Advanced formulation that provides a controlled and even pigment release during application. It imparts ultra-cream and even application,high pigment, vibrant and lasting color registration, extended wear and skin conditioning benefits.

 I love the wave effect type texture this product has, just reminds me of a waves in a beautiful ocean. The texture does feel super creamy even though it's a powder based product. Even though this is super pigmented on it's own you can use these either wet or dry. I like to wet this shade a little bit and apply like eyeliner on my water line. This particular color can be used for a really pretty pink toned highlighter as well as blush. I am always using products in multi functioning ways to get me out of the house quicker if I am in a time crunch. Like the True Metals collection you do not need a primer, it is very long wearing, and easy to work with. 

Eyeliner Lively Turquoise $5.50
• Intense colors with deep black undertones • Lasts up to 10 hours! • Waterproof, smudge proof 

This is SO BOLD AND PIGMENTED! I love popping this color on my waterline when I am doing a natural brown smokey eye. This color just lasts on and on and on! on my waterline!! I only have a 1 hand full of eyeliners who has excellent staying power and won't give me raccoon eyes after a few hours. I am still trying to get over the fact for $5.00 the amazing performance and pigmentation of this eyeliner. 

Total Wear Shadow Stick Sand Frost and Meteorite $9.50
"Long wearing, waterproof, high pigment eyeshadow that stays put without smudging, creasing or fading. Glides on smoothly thanks to its creamy texture that blends evenly for a flawless and slick look"

Everything that Prestige states about this product puts the nail in the coffin, right on point. These are the first drugstore brand shadow sticks that I own that blend beautifully! like a cream eyeshadow. 

Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Crave $8.50
The name says it all Dolls this shadow shifts color depending on how the light hits it. Crave goes from a light gold to a deep goldish bronze. Crease proof, long wearing, and I love how I can pull off a sandwich look with just this eyeshadow by itself. I will be posting a look with it in the near future.

Total Wear Lip Crayon Wine Not? and Party Shine $9.50
"Intense and long lasting color. Luxurious creamy smooth lipstick that in a single stroke, delivers intense and stay-true color and luminous finish. Glides effortlessly and stays put without running or feathering while conditioning lips Retractable crayon "

  These are super pigmented, glides on, and I love how it hads sparkles built into the product. It's not crazy glittery that you can only wear it if your going out to a club at a rave. It's light little speckles of fun. It really adds dimension to your lips. Great staying power with talking, drinking, and eating non greasy foods. 

 Well Dolls I have to say I am beyond super impressed with Prestige's products and the Total Intensity Collection. If you would stick that product in Sephora and upped the price I would believe it and buy it. It's that good!! I can firmly say that this brand really ELEVATED MY EXPECTATIONS!!!  Did I say I was super impressed with the packaging and performance of these products?

 If you want to check out this amazing collection you can visit their website

 Thanks So Much Dolls for stopping by remember Everyday is your runways so you better work it!!

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