Birchbox September 2014 Box #1

Hello Beautiful Dolls! Today was kinda of a bad day for me but when I got home and saw my beautiful pink box in my  mailbox I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived! So that put a little smile on my face.  I am normally a Ipsy girl when they were at the top of the game, full size products great brands but as of this year I have not been wowed by their bags. I don't even look forward to them how I used to be,  I would die for my Ipsy bags to get here. So I read mixed reviews on Birchbox some say it's a hit and some say it's a waste of money you get foil packets. Now that Sephora offers free samples why pay the $10 in foil packets when you can get better samples for free at Sephora. So that started my venture with Birchbox and I have to say.... Click Read More for full review~

 Well I have to say I have been dying for  the 10th to stroll around because that's when Birchbox updates our accounts on what we are receiving in our box that month. So when I received the email that box #1 was born and being shipped I was dying for it to get here. Ever since I saw their sneak peeks I have been dying like it was Santa coming for Christmas. I have already seen what I am receiving in my Ipsy and once again NOT IMPRESSED!  

  So REWIND! like I stated previously I have always been an Ipsy girl I would get into heated debates with other people who said Birchbox was better than Ipsy. I would always defend Ipsy 100% I always received amazing full sized makeup products that fit my style and for $10 you can't beat that! Then all of a sudden it went left, and I started getting less excited about Ipsy more and more as each month keeps rolling in. I know a beauty subscription is about trying new things, but Ipsy just feels like it went in the wrong direction just in my personal opinion. 

 So after seeing so many mixed reviews and a person that I follow very closely on Youtube always spoke so highly of Birchbox and her boxes always looked great I started following Birchbox on their social media. I love how they have their own people who work there and actually try the products out and bring their subscribers the best of the best. I love Rachel Jo Silver and her OMG With RJS so  I pulled the trigger and subscribed. I loved my first box so much I am subscribed to 2 boxes! Ever since then I have not been disappointed with Birchbox at all. 

 And this month OOH CHILIE OOH CHILIE THIS MONTH BLEW ME AWAY! This one was a HUGE Surprise! I didn't know what was coming what so ever! So when I opened my box I busted out my phone and did an unboxing with pictures. I should have done a video you would be laughing hysterically at my reactions. 

So Dolls let me show  you all the amazing products that Birchbox picked out for me to try.  I received in Box #1 ** I just peeked at box #2 under my account and OMG OMG! JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTE LOL!*** Also I will share with you all my thoughts on each product have using them. ***

 I am loving the bright pattern on the box and how all the colors compliment eachother, just makes you Happy!

And now it's Yellow Pillow Packet Time!!!

Now I already received the Cynthia Rowley in my other box last month but hey it's ok! I technically have a full size 1 now so I am alright with that. I also HATE when I receive perfume samples in my boxes because I am very picky with my perfumes. But Birchbox sent me one that last time I am saving my pennies for to purchase in full size because it's almost $100!! but it's a sent that I have fallen in love with! Now this one! this one smells amazing! I am starting to think Birchbox knows my nose and what I like because 2 out of 2 perfumes I am in love with is unbeliveable!

 Well Dolls that's it for my box number 1 I will let you dolls know what I think of each product after I use them. On my first impressions  I am beyond impressed on the great selection, all good deluxe travel sized products.  And I can't wait for box #2 to come that will be hard to determine which box is better it's that good! 

 Thanks For stopping by always remember "Everyday is your runways so you better work it!"
Until Next Time XoXo C

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