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 Press Sample:  Tarte Cosmetics is one of the go to prestige brands that we all know and love. They offer a great range of product selections  that are natural and beneficial for our skin. Their latest ingredient  was found in the mountainous regions of Brazil which is known as Colored Clay. Formed beneath the surface over millions of years, each color contains a very unique mineral composition that provides specific skin benefits such as anti-aging, hydration, oil control and anti-inflammatory. The clay is harvested  and baked under the sun and later infused into Tarte's products.

Hello Beautiful Dolls, I don't know about you, but I am always impressed when a brand finds ingredients from all over the world that are natural and made by mother earth. There is a total of 4 products that are in this newest collection which are:

 The 2 products that I have to share with you Dolls today are the  Colored Clay CC Under eye corrector and the Colored Clay Eye Primer Stick.

 Colored Clay CC eye primer stick $21

"Infused with color-correcting and skin-nourishing colored clay, this smoothing eye primer absorbs excess oil on the lids, offering a neutral base for the perfect eyeshadow application. The lightweight waterproof formula works overtime to address the appearance of redness and discoloration, while providing a gentle skin balance and instantly brightening the delicate skin on the eyelid."

Compared to other eyeshadow primers I have tried in the past this one is a universal shade in a stick form.  The color is a salmon peach tone which helps neutralize and  counteract the under eye and eye lid  darkness. The eye area is  thin layer of skin and normally dark circles,spots, uneven eyelid colors have a tinge of blue or purple undertones to them. By applying peachy salmon color on them will take away the blue/purple tinge. This is by far the largest color corrector shade of primers and concealers used. The product itself glides on to your skin and it super easy to build up the color and blend out. While instantly creating a fresh faced brightened appearance to your eyes.  

 On my eyelids I have dark spots in the inner corner area with tiny purple veins that are noticeable before applying any primers. I have oily lids at times and I have not had any problems with the staying power of this product and the intensity of my shadows. This primer brings out the color intensity of the poorest eyeshadows, while intensifying the ones that are super pigmented on their own. 

 Colored Clay CC Under eye Corrector $24

"This multi-tasking, full coverage corrector expertly masks under eye discolorations and dark circles in two universal shades. The light-diffusing particles brighten under eye areas and soften the appearance of fine lines as color-correcting colored clay helps to offset the look of dark circles.  Infused with nutrient-rich, skinvigorating™ ingredients, this under eye corrector works to hydrate, condition and smooth skin while helping improve skin tone and texture over time.

 There are only 2 shades to choose from Light/ Medium and Medium/ Tan so I honestly don't know if these 2 shades will fit all different types of skin tones. In a sense I do feel the 2 shades could  because this product will neutralize your under eye area before you apply your foundation and concealer, but I can't honestly fully say it would. You are only receiving 0.08 oz of product, at first when I first saw the product up close I honestly thought it was a travel size. Once I checked on Tarte's website I found out that it was the full size, initially after seeing that I thought the product was over priced for the amount you are paying for. But the plus of it all is that you only  need a very little amount of product. The texture and consistency is not to thick or watered down it glides on to your skin, leaving it very easy to build up the coverage and blending it into your skin. Instantly brightens your eyes, giving the appearance of a fresh well rested look to you. If you have mature skin this product will not seep into your fine lines and wrinkles.  As for all my Dolls who have dry under eyes like myself this product will not cling on to your dry spots *doing a happy dance!!*.  

 I have major dark circles and dark spots all over my face. This corrector is 1 in 5  under eye products that I own that really neutralizes my under eye area. I also use this product as a base to my foundation it does an amazing job evening my skintone and hiding the appearance of the dark spots I have on my skin. While prolonging the length of wear of my foundation. 

 Overall I have to say this new Colored Clay collection is the best of the best. In performance, length of wear, packaging, everything that Tarte claims about each particular product they deliver.

 Have Any of you Dolls tried any products out from this collection? Let me know in the comment section below what's your thoughts are

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