Vincent Longo Fall Essentials

  Press Sample: Vincent Longo is in my top 5 favorite brands, the sleek black packaging with teal VL logo and innovative cutting edge technology that the products are made of just sets them apart from the other brands that we all know and love. I have a few products to share with you  today that are my Vincent Longo Fall Essentials to find out more information on these products just click read more:

 Hey Beautiful Dolls I hope that all of you are having a wonderful Fall day, I have been using Vincent Longo's products I want to say about a year now, I have grown and fallen in love with the brand and products. Each and every product I have tried I have not been disappointed with the pigmentation, staying power, basically each quality and characteristic that I look for in a product my expectations have always been exceeded. 

Water Canvas Foundation 
Unique oil-free and creme-to-powder formula provides a real skin look, feel and finish. Created with a patented process and 75% microwater to hydrate and nourish skin for a healthy complexion. So light it feels like a second skin. Coverage is from light to medium."
 Ok Dolls this foundation is my go to holy grail foundation, now I don't really get into the long list of health issues that I have, but one of the medicines that I take for one of the many causes me to have hot flashes like crazy. Sometimes by the time I am done putting my full makeup on half of it is already melted away, and if I am in a rush and can't sit in front of fan then I am like whats the point lol. This foundation gives me that crisp refreshing feeling every use, it melts into my skin giving it a radiant boost to my complexion while providing light to medium buildable coverage. Even when I am having a hot flash the foundation sticks to my skin for dear life and doesn't budge or move. You would think since it's 75% microwater that it would, no nothing still can see the nice coverage on my skin though out my work day at the office.  

 When you think of a product that is water based you immediately think well water evaporates how long is this type of product going to last you? Vincent Longo thought that out and made his packaging specialized to the point it locks in the moisture in an airtight container. His traveling water canvas compact seals the deal while providing you a nice sponge to apply the foundation for an airbrushed finish. 

 The only Con with this particular product that I found it was very delicate, I made sure I dab the sponge very lightly and almost a whole chunk came up but the consistency of the product has a lot of cushion and bounce I was able to press it back in. With that being said I still use it everyday!  

 Starlette Gel Eye Stains:
"Innovative formula provides seamless suspension of rich pigment sprinkled with fairytale-like starlettes of pearl. Transparent sheer texture and glimmer can be layered for a more dramatic long lasting finish."

 When I first heard I was going to try this product out my mind went bonkers, how can gel be an eyeshadow? It's possible it adds a great builable color wash to your lids, I received 2 colors that were brownish colors and I use them on a daily. Either by themselves or as a base to my powdered eyeshadows which intensifies the weakest eyeshadows I own to a more fully pigmented color. Which blows my mind each and everytime! The packaging is so perfect because it cuffs into your eye area to a T!  So if your applying the product into your crease and deepen the color the product fits right in. The color stays on your lids for 8hrs, and if you have oily lids don't be alarmed I have tried this on my friend for testing purposes and her's lasted for about 6.5 hrs before she started to see the color fade off. 

Dew Drop Radiant Blush
 These blushes have little specks in them to create dimension to your face and look, super pigmented, silky smooth, long wearing. Has light catching properties and  looks killer on any skintone. Need I saw More? Hands down AHHMAAZING! 

Creme Jel Eyeliner in Teal Green
When they say it's creamy it glides on your eye like butter! It's not to creamy that it will slick off your eyes and your are basically wearing it like cream eyeshadow. This is super easy for those Dolls like myself who are not good with applying gel eyeliner, it's goof proof so if you miss up you can take if off easily fix the line and keep on winging! But once it sets it will not budge or move. The color is super pigmented and the length of wear is about 7hrs before it you see it starts to wear off.  This color is perfect to add a little pop of color to your fall looks!

Thin Stick Lipstick in Baby
I love this lipstick I feel glamorous everytime I use it! It's so chic and perfect for lining your lips, the satin matte finish just gives you that Kylie Jenner lip. The length of wear is about 4 hrs with eating non greasy foods, talking and drinking. Doesn't fan or feather which is a plus in my book! I just love this lipstick perfect all year round too! 

 Well Dolls that's it for my Vincent Longo Fall Essentials I will be posting up a look with these products with my Fall Business Attire. So be on the look out for that! If you haven't checked out Vincent Longo's website be sure to check out their new web design, it's very shopper friendly and you can learn all tips and trick from the VL team!

Thanks For Stopping by and Remember! Everyday is your runways so you better work it! 

 Until Next Time 

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