Glamour Dolls Review and Feature

Press Sample:  "Glamour Dolls is a new brand of makeup designed with girlie girls at heart.  The concept behind Glamour Dolls came from our celebrity makeup artist, and founder Jessica Romano. You might recognize Jessica from Style Network's reality show Glam Fairy. After two successful seasons, Jessica knew it was time for her to spread her wings and fly.  Jessica brought Glamour Dolls to life by developing a line that was both adorable and affordable. With Glamour Dolls you won't be breaking the bank, just hearts" They also do not test on animals because they love our cute little furry friends.

 Hey Beautiful Dolls! I hope you are all having a wonderful blessed end of summer. This year has been super hectic but like I always say a little prayer and a great lipstick will help you get through anything.

 I was excited when I came across this brand because I am always on a hunt to introduce to you dolls new brands and new products. So let's get into these products shall we!?

Kitty Kisses $2.99
"Protect your pout with our fragrance free tinted lip balm. This waterproof formulation was specially created to KEEP your lips SOFT with a super sheer wash of color."
 There are 5 colors to choose from as well as a clear based one, I received the clear based Kitty Kisses for review. Now I do love the adorable packaging, I truly get a lot of people complimenting me on how cute the packaging is. 10/10 on a cat's MEOOOWW! for the packaging

 As to the performance I have mixed feelings about it, it's a good prep for long wearing lip products such as your lipstains and matte lipsticks. It feels very slick on the lips if I am heavy handed with the application, so a 1 round trip around the lips is perfect before it get's really slick.

Lip Gloss 03 Wildchild $3.99 *5 shades to choose from*
"Our long lasting formula provides a full coverage with a semi-matte finish and moisturizing texture"
 When I saw the color in the tube it looks beautiful it's a gorgeous peachy red color. I do love the formula of this product it feels light weight on the lips, doesn't last that long I would say 1 or 2 depending if your talking, drinking or eating non greasy foods. But the formula in the pigmentation is great I can over look length of wear. 

Gloss Snob $1.99 04 Single Summer  *Comes in 5 shades*
This is just a normal lip gloss that adds a nice sheer wash of color, it gives me my lips but better type of color. I do feel it's a little bit of a stickier consistency but not to much. I think you get alot for 1.99 so that's always a plus.

 Lip Cream  04 Karma $2.99 *5 shades to choose from*
"Our Lip Cream's are bold in color, and buildable.  Popular for their creamy texture, Lip Cream glides smoothly onto your lips resulting in the perfect semi matte pout."
 I just love the packaging of this lip stick, it's a sheer buildable color. So it right there in the middle of being a sheer wash of color to full pigmentation. Glides on to your lips it's a decent lipstick.

Overall the products that I have tried from Glamour Dolls is pretty decent for the price that you pay, the packaging is quite cute and fits their name. Overall I give it 6/10 Cdels

 Well dolls feel free to check out Glamour Dolls' website

 Thanks so much for stopping by and remember Everyday is your runway so you better work it!


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