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PR:  Not Your Mother's Brand Company motto is "Your style might come from the streets, the magazines you read or straight from the Catwalk. Trends fade, but true style never will. Confidence, creativity and class will always be in fashion. Dare to experiment with new styles, get inspired and embrace your own personal fabulousness. Don't follow others, make your own statement." I love it! Well Dolls I have 3 products to share with you today and if your a non volume, no frizz, glistening hair type of Doll these products are must have in your hair care collection and they Also do NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!.

 Hey Beautiful Dolls! Summer is winding down and Fall is just around the corner, ahh and I am so happy because Fall is literally my favorite season of the year. It's perfect climate, perfect driving weather ( any season with no snow is perfect driving season for me LOL) and perfect fall makeup and clothes trends! I have been using Not Your Mother's *NYM* products for a few weeks now and DOLLS YOU NEED to own these if you have dry, frizzy,  damaged, and you don't want volume type of hair. 

Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream
Claims and Details:
Infused with natural coconut and silk extracts this will keep your hair thinking straight all day. Good for De-Frizz, Straighten, and Shine.

 I love the smell of this cream! Makes me feel like I am on island eating coconuts on the beach. The consistency and texture is very light weight so it's very easy to move the product around in your hair. Doesn't feel sticky or causes your hair to look greasy if you put way to much on. It does maintain your frizz, adds great shine and if you have 2 day hair, it will look like you just washed it that morning. I love it!

Lock Luster Argan Oil Treatment
Claims and Details:
Lock Luster is a deep moisturizing argan and macadamia oil treatment. These natural oils aid in repairing dry, damaged hair, protecting hair from heat and excessive styling while detangling overworked hair. Not tested on animals.

 I love the smell of this product layered on top of the Smooth Moves cream, has a very coconut salon smelling scent. *if that makes any sense lol you know how some salon products smell AMAZING!* It has a gel and oil based consistency. It doesn't sit on top of your hair causing the appearance of oily hair your hair drinks it up, while delivering healthy, no frizz, and adds loads of shine! If you have dry and damaged hair this product will help nurse your hair back to health. 

Raise and Shine Silky Smooth Shine Spray
Alcohol free spray that will give you that vibrant healthy hair shine.

 This spray is perfect for the PERFECT FIERCE HEALTHY SHINE. I have sprayed this in my hair either wet or dry and it's amazing. I am not a big fan of the scent but after a few minutes of the product settling into your hair it dissapates  but the performance of the product is so great that I can over see it. It will add shine to your hair and not oilyness which I have come across with other shine sprays from different brands in the past. 

 Well Dolls if you have not checked out any of these products you can pick them up at any CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Ulta, basically any drugstore near you.

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