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Hello Beautiful Fierce Dolls! I have had the wonderful amazing opportunity to meet and talk to Eddie Funkhouser. He is a veteran and world renowned makeup artist who has splashed the covers of magazines and television. His work is beyond amazing, traveling around the world and getting to work on many different beautiful people of different ethnicities. This laid the ground  for him creating his own cosmetic line that offers great high quality performing products at an affordable price, made in Italy. Now I don't know about you dolls, but go to the Higher End Prestige cosmetics at Sephora or Ulta and look where it's made, do any of the other ones say made in Italy? I don't think so, I don't own any!! and Dolls You know Cdel has loads of makeup. I had the lovely opportunity to get to ask Eddie some questions. So sit back and get to know the down to earth talented Eddie Funkhouser.

I asked Eddie a few questions about his inspiration, his start, and the creation for his amazing Makeup Line that you can pick up at any Rite Aide that carries a Prestige Counter. So with out further ado let's get to know Eddie! 

1. What made you start out to be a makeup artist and then start your own collection?

There were a few things that got me going.

"I grew up around makeup. My mom sold AVON and I was her little helper who put sample packs into each bag being prepared for delivery. I have very fond memories of that. I was fascinated with the catalogue, the colors and the smell of the makeup and perfumes!  And those cute little lipstick samples…

I remember studying my mom (Mary) as she put her own makeup on. She has always worn glasses and would often strain to put her eye liner on.  Since I was always there, watching, she enlisted me to help her out!  I must have been 7 or 8 when I applied liquid liner to her for the first time. I remember how excited I was that she let me apply her liner.

Though I didn’t initially set out on a path to be a makeup artist, the Universe eventually led me to it. I studied dance and was relentless in my pursuit to become a professional dancer. I accomplished that goal by landing a spot in an esteemed dance company. But after only 3 years of being part of the company, I severely injured my shoulder and that brought a rapid end to my dance career. But that still doesn’t keep me off the dance floor!

Almost immediately after my injury, I moved to New York and was a waiter at a restaurant. It was there, that I made a new friend who happened to be working on a cosmetic line of her own. Eventually, I was asked to join her company as an artist. Over a short period of time, I quickly moved up the ladder from makeup artist > Trainer > Product Developer… the rest is history!  The stars had aligned and I was on my way."

2. What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment?

"Aside from staying true to who I am, I would have to say it is my relationship of nearly 17 years and my new brand, EDDIE FUNKHOUSER. For years now, I have been working on building brands with my partner, Kai Kaden, the true wizard behind the curtain. Kidding. Sort of kidding. We have a true partnership and are a complement to one another so I cannot take all the credit. He keeps me in order and tirelessly supports my outrageousness and kooky ideas and encourages me to dig deep when it comes to self-expression. All of which makes for great material when it comes to sharing my world on Instagram!  

Kai and I have been developing and designing beauty brands together now for over 15 years. So, we felt the time was right to take the sum of those experiences and work on something that was our own. With EDDIE FUNKHOUSER, our goal is to share more of who we are with our growing fan base. This will be done by way of the product we develop and by genuinely engaging my fans by being accessible to them. Aside from being on Instagram, I Tweet daily, I’m on Pinterest, I do Google Chats, I’m gearing up to launch a brand page on Pampadour!  I have my work cut out for me… but my ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage all who encounter our brand to express their authentic selves creatively".

3. Every makeup artist has a signature look. What is Eddie's signature look?

"Although I create seasonal campaign stories, they are creative expressions meant to inspire and encourage creativity in others. I do not dictate a specific “look”. I embrace the individual and their unique style and personality. I want women to walk away feeling like they are beautiful exactly the way they are. Makeup is just another way to express yourself. And that, I can help with!"

4. What made you want to change your last brand, EF | STUDIO, to the newly revamped Eddie Funkhouser cosmetics?

"I realized that I was trying to compete with a crowded market place at a time where our financial climate was not the greatest. We gave our brand a close look and asked “how can we offer something different?”. The first step was leveraging my funky name… Away went the initials EF and front and center came EDDIE FUNKHOUSER! I know, I know… so obvious right?"

5. What advice would you give to a person who wants to start out their own cosmetics line?

"Make sure it is a passion and not a hobby. It takes a tremendous amount of work. If your heart isn’t 100% into it, it will be more of a headache than a joy."

6. What was the advice that someone gave you pertaining to the beauty industry that you took in and applied into your business as an makeup artist and creator of a cosmetics line?

"In an industry where the search for ultimate beauty can become a distraction from real beauty (inner beauty) be sure to always stay grounded and always be real. That is what others will find most attractive."

7. What inspired you to create your own line?

"My drive goes beyond just having my own line. The women in my life have been portraits of tireless givers, nurturers and matriarchs. I believe that to be the nature of most women.

My being a part of the beauty industry is how I chose to honor all women. They deserve to feel beautiful and I hope to make their quest for beauty as real and genuine as possible."

8. When you’re thinking of a new product, for a collection, how long does the creative process take?

"It can take minutes, it can take years.  It can be a component / packaging that inspires an idea. It can be the vision of a funky trendsetter on a New York Subway… I try to just follow my path and keep my eyes open to what the Universe brings my way".

Well Dolls, there you have a glimpse into the Fierce Mind, Person, and Soul. Many who are in the beauty industry only focus on what's the outward appearance. It's truly refreshing to meet someone and learn how they started from a humble beginning of helping his mom with Avon Samples to Splashing the covers and working on so many people. He has a kind heart and Fierce Soul!

Check out his amazing collection at

He also offers an #askeddie forum on his site. He really wants to hear from you and to talk to you person to person! I am so fortunate to get to meet him, and some from his team. I hope one day I can actually meet him in person and let him work his FIERCE MAGIC ON THIS DOLL! I will be hosting a giveaway and a review on his new Belle De Jour Collection. Check Back on August 8th for the review and enter for a chance to win 3 products from this amazing collection.

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