Dermadoctor #2 Review

PR: I recently reviewed Derma Doctor here on Cdel Beauty a couple of weeks ago and I was very excited to share with you about how those products changed my life literally! Today I have a few more products to share with you as the final installment of the Derma Doctor's products that I have been using alot these past few weeks. For Full Review Click Read More~

Hey Beautiful Dolls, Hope your still having a wonderful rest of your summer, fall is just around the corner and we should really start doing the transition from our summer time skin routines to prep for the colder months. Let's Get into the reviews shall we?

KP Duty Body Exfoliation
Indulge yourself with this dual action exfoliator which combines the benefits of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion into a single, easy to use formulation.  This cult classic works both physically and chemically to help your skin look and feel smooth and silky.

 This product really gets down into your skin getting all the dead skin out, cleans out your pores, and prep your skin for sunless tanning, post baths, if you have body acne. You are supposed to apply this product onto dry skin, once you massage in the product you instantly see your dead skin coming off! It's really cool! When you wash it off your skin feels very silky and smooth. Your skin can become very irritated  so try to do a spot test on a small area on your skin to see if it would do more damage than good. When I first used the product ooh wee I loved the results but afterwards I was hating it at the same time. So now every time I use this product I make sure I use an extra extra moisturizing body cream to soothe my skin. The final results of this product makes it really worth it in the long run.

Physical Chemistry 

An exfoliating facial, this high performance chemical peel and microdermabrasion session are synthesized into a single, easy-to-use facial rejuvenating treatment. Contains a calming, hydrating complex to leave skin feeling healthy, glowing and radiant.

 I love the packaging for this product it is a pump, so when you are applying the product to your face you don't have to worry about squeezing the product out when you have hands covered in product. I love how Derma Doctor really thought that concept through. When you apply the product and massage it into your face you really feel that it's getting into your pores for a deep clean, while removing the dead skin. Once you rinse the product off your final result is brightened silky smooth skin. 

Wrinkle Revenge Rescue & Protect Eye Balm
Delivers an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps the eye area feel refreshed, alert and youthful.

 I love how this feels under my eyes! I have a really dry under eye area and this helps give it the hydration boosts that it needs. Gives my eyes a more lifted refreshed look while allowing my concealer to glide easily onto that area. If I am wearing a concealer with a thicker consistency my dry patches will not be accentuated and it will not seep into the lines under my eyes.

Ain't  Misbehavin  Intensive Skin Clarifying Acne Mask
Penetrates pores to help eliminate and prevent most acne blemishes.
Now I have a love hate relationship with my skin some days it looks flawless I don't have to wear foundation just my other makeup routines. THEN! in 0.00060 seconds it breaks out like no other. This is a life saver it contains Sulfur to kill the blemish causing bacteria, Phyosphingosine which is a naturally occurring skin lipid that normalizes unbalanced skin chemistry and a lot of other great ingredients that help fight acne breakouts. The packaging is also in a pump formation so when your lathering on your product you don't have to worry about it getting messy all over the place. You will see results after a few uses of this product. It doesn't sting or irritates the skin so if you have sensitive skin this will work perfect for you. 

Well Dolls Let me know in the comment section below what you think of any of the products which ones do you think will help you for your particular skin problems. 

Feel Free to check out Dermadoctor' product selection on their website, there you can shop by skin concern which makes it totally shopper friendly.

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