Eddie Funkhouser Belle De Jour Review and Giveaway

Hey Beautiful Dolls! Hope you all are having a fantastic August Day! I recently had the wonderful opportunity to meet the 4 Snaps Snaps of Fierceness Eddie Funkhouser! He has traveled the world, worked on many different people while splashing his FIERCE artistry on magazines and television screens. This laid the ground work for him to create his own cosmetics line, with his vision he wanted to deliver high quality performing products at a very affordable price tag. Nothing in his line is more than $14.99!  And!! All of his products are made in Italy! His Belle De Jour Collection for Spring and Summer 2014 is gorgeous, and FIERCE! And 1 of you dolls will be able to win 3 of the products I will be sharing with you. If you want to check out this amazing collection Just keep reading:

   Before I begin the article I just want to Congratulate Eddie on winning an amazing Award. HBA Global is the only awards designed to celebrate the year's most innovative beauty packaging in a variety of product categories, the IPDA received entries from major brands, niche players and independents from all over the world.   A Judging Committee of designers, packaging executives, brand experts, and media voted on the impressive packaging projects for the final selection.   Some of the comments about this year's finalists included:  "beautifully executed";  "rare to see such care, elegance and technically proficient packaging"; "amazing attention to detail"  and "very technologically advanced package."

The category that Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics was in:

-EM Life Palette & Travel Palette by L'Oreal; submitted by Topline Products
-FLOWER Perfect Canvas Creme Foundation by Maesa; submitted by Alison Brod Public Relations
- Nude Wear™ Touch of Glow Concealer, Glowing Nude Bronzer, and Blush by Physicians Formula; submitted by Physicians Formula Cosmetics Inc.
-Quattro Variable Lash Mascara by EDDIE FUNKHOUSER®; submitted by EDDIE FUNKHOUSER®
-Voluminous Butterfly Mascara by L'Oreal Paris; submitted by L'Oreal Paris
And Eddie's Quattro Variable Lash Mascara Won!!! So let's all do around of applause for this amazing honor! Along the list in the awards there were different categories where all our favorite brands were nominated this award is A REALLY BIG DEAL! 
I will be going into more in depth on this mascara so I can show you all the  amazing features that it has so check back for post here very soon! 
So Now onto the Belle De Jour Collection "Sassy":
"Emerge from Winter dreamspace and awaken to the newly-budding realm of Spring. Reinvent eyes in Hyperreal colors of shimmering coral and pastel pinks. Blossom with bright pink cheeks and vivid magenta-rose lip, faceted in hot pink gloss."

Hyperreal Eye Color Palette Bedroom Eyes~
Ohh Chilie! This eyeshadow palette is perfect for when your walking your Everyday Runways to walking the red carpets for a night out in the town. The packaging is sleek,chic black packaging, I love how it opens to the side like a door or a book. The other products that I have from this collection open to the side like that too which sets his products aside from all the other brands out there in my personal opinion. 
 The texture and consistency is silky smooth, which clings to your brushes for easy application. Each shade is very pigmented, you know how some eyeshadows in quads or palettes you will always find a shade that isn't as pigmented as the rest. Well all 4 of these work great! They have great wear with or without primer. 

Hyperreal Eye Color "Lavender Sky"~
This color is silky, pigmented  and is very illuminating. You can pop this color on the center of your lids to give your eyes are more brightening awakened look. And if you follow me for a while now you know I love MULTI FUNCTIONING PRODUCTS! Well I use this eyeshadow for highlighting as well, on the tops of my cheeks, on my cupids bow, down the bridge of my nose. Pretty much everywhere lol. 

Graffiti Creme Eye Pencil~
Now Dolls let's have a moment of silence for this amazing eyeliner, ****** SILENCE UP! Ok this is the first creme eyeliner that doesn't cause me to look like I have raccoon eyes at the end of the day. It has ceresin wax for a creamy, smooth application, silicone for a comfortable long wear and volatiles for long wear and dries quickly. You can create a very precise line or a bolder thicker line, you also get a sharpener and a smudger at the end of the eyeliner. This baby has it all, and it's really a noir color. 

Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus~
Now many of us own loads of felt tip eyeliners, that have a pointed end tip now I don't know about you but some of them will work great after x amount of uses. Then what happens? The tip doesn't perform as well any more then you throw it out and spend more money on a new one. This eyeliner is different the tip isn't like your stander eyeliner the tips are brush hairs. So the shelf life of this eyeliner will have more extended uses, when your aiming for a precise line or a bolder thicker line. This product contains Glycerin which is skin softening, resins for long wear and doesn't fade. It is super black and you don't have to sit there and go over your liner to build up the intensity. While being very easy to apply and less messy. If you have to fix an error with one quick swoop you can clean up your look with out having to reapply, but once it sets dolls it sets!

Quattro Variable Lash Mascara~
This mascara is 4 mascaras in 1 while giving you full control of which type of finish you want your lashes to have. Volume, Lengthening, Enhancing, Boosting etc. I will have a far more in depth review on this mascara so I can show you the full 360 components of this mascara. This mascara is too good to slightly touch base on it. It needs it's own SPOTLIGHT! 

 Graffiti Liquid Liner "Haze" ~
This liner is a beautiful hologram inspired product, you can add depth to your eyes for a 3 dimensional look. If you are all about that life then Doll this liner is for you, I have tried liners like this in the past and they always fall short, they are either to watered down, or to glittery, but this liner hits a home run.  The texture and consistency is perfect to wear on its own or on top of your winged liner to add a little spark of fierceness to it. 

Ultra Intensity Cheek Color "Plum Crazy"~
This product  contains Nylon that allows the amazing creamy blendable texture. and Silicones for a budge proof long wear. It's highly pigmented and feels very creamy and even though it's powder it has that cream to powder silky consistency. Just adds a great warmth to your face, and after a 8hour day I can still see the blush on my cheeks.

Chromographic Lip Color "Modern Marvel"
I love this lipstick it looks like a  darker plum color but when you apply it to your lips it's a color that you can wear everyday. It's super pigmented, long wearing and just glides on to your lips. It contains Mango Fruit Extract that conditions and smooths your skin, Vitamin E for nourishing, Vitamin C for brightening and Portulaca Pilosa Flower Extract that performs for conditioning  and smoothing as well. Eddie definitely wants to give us great performing products that treats us while we wear them. Simple black packaging is just sleek and chic which you all know me I am a sucker for it!

Hyperreal Hydrating Lip Gloss "Publicity Stunt"~
This lip gloss is pigmented, long wearing and non sticky!! It contains Vitamin A, C, E, and Aloe Vera. Even this lip gloss is treating your lips while you wear it. Which I love <3 It's one of my go to lip glosses these days.

Well Dolls That's it for this amazing collection, I love the performance of each and every product and I love how Eddie signed the packages that they arrived in.  I can't even say how much I respect him as a person, and an artist. Just a down to earth humble guy. Now One of you will be able to win 3 of the products from this collection. If you want to enter to win then Chilie! Here is your chance to get those pretty manicured fingers on. 

Thank You So much for stopping by today. Leave me a comment down below and let me know what you would want to win. Go follow Eddie Funkhouser on all his social media and get to know the really amazing person that he is. 

xoxo-  Cyndi 

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