Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Palette Review

 Press Samples: Hello Beautiful Dolls! I have an exciting new release from Tarte to share with you all today. Which I am so excited to tell you all  about this palette it's ridiculous. Tarte recently released their new Tartelette palette that offers 12 new matte shadows. To be frankly honest with you all I was all on the fence with this palette. First of all I haven't been a fan of some of the eyeshadow palettes I have tried from Tarte in the past. They lacked pigmentation, weren't easy to work with, creased even with a primer. So I wasn't expecting to be completely wowed with this palette, I felt like it would be decent not the best and not the worst. But! I was so wrong! 

  The palette is very sleek and compact that comes with a very nice sized mirror. So if your a doll on the run you tuck this palette in your purse or makeup bag and you will have all the shadows you would need to create any look. The names of each and every shadow has powerful meaningful  names that embodies what a women represents. I truly find that refreshing and empowering  by simply looking at the names of each of the shadows which is such a daily dose of affirmations. So if I am having a stressful day or a sad day and I use 3 shadows I try to remember I am a "Free Spirit" and a "Force of Nature" and I am a "Bombshell" Just reading encouraging and uplifting words can really change your attitude or mood. I know some people will think man your reading way to much into a makeup palette but if you don't hear it from someone or you don't feel it in yourself. To see some positive words and positive affirmations can really turn your day around by boosting self confidence in yourself. 
 I don't know if Tarte has ever done this before and I can't remember from my previous palettes that I own from them but they included 2 small tutorials to create a beautiful soft day look or a soft dramatic look. So I thought that was pretty neat, which  I have been doing the day look pretty much everyday since I received this palette because it's a soft purple eye.  

 Now the formula to these shadows are not the same formula we are all used to from Tarte. The majority of them are very silky and soft to the touch. They  are so rich in pigmentation, and easy to work with when building and buffing out the colors. The shadows will not run into eachother and cause that muddy look we all run away from. I am not a fan of matte shadows because I feel that they look flat and boring lol, and  alot of them are very chalky. Well all of the shadows are not chalky minus the exception Multi-Tasker, Bombshell, Fashionista. Those shadows can be used as liners when you wet your angled brush. They actually stay on your lids or when you use them to create a winged look which is a major plus.These shadows do not crease and they have a very nice wear time which surprised me just from my past experience with Tarte's shadows. 

  Some of the shadows kinda blend into my skin so the picture is not doing a couple of these shadows any justice. But all of the shadows in swatches or on your eyes look amazing.

 Well Dolls overall this a must have palette in your collection. Tarte really stepped up their game and delivered an amazing palette everything from the packaging to the performance and quality of each and every shadow just blew me away. And Tarte really gave me the appreciation for matte shadows, I normally only use matte shadows for a transition color and that's it not a full look! So if your not a fan of matte really give this palette a try you will change your mind, and if your a lover for matte then this palette will become your holy grail it's that good!

 Well Dolls Thank You so much for stopping by and until next time xoxo- C

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