blowpro anti-aging density spray review

 Press Samples: Hello Beautiful dolls! I hope you all are doing great! Now I know some of us use loads of products for anti-aging for face and body. But have you ever tried or heard of product that is anti-aging for your hair? Chili I know I didn't! but I do now, especially with all my greys I am desperate need of that! LoL! At first I would get mad that some of my hair was falling out due to my medicines but I feel now that has stopped a little bit, but my greys are kicking in full force. So I don't know which option I prefer over the other one lol. Well that's neither here or there but  I could go on a wild tangent over that but when I was sent this product it had me thinking hey maybe this could work. The product from blowpro that I am talking about is thier anti-aging density spray here is what blowpro claims about this product. 

 You can pick up this product for $19.75 and it's a decent amount of product you are receiving 4oz for the price I think it's reasonable for a prestige brand. 

 This is a product that you would do as a final step to add some finishing touches to your hair style. It adds shine to your hair with a subtle hold. It doesn't add that crunchy stiff hair locks that I personally don't like so that is a major plus. Because if your like me and I change my mind a few times when I am styling my hair and if you don't like it at least your don't get that stiff dandruff looking hair and you can change it. So I do love that this product does give me flexibility when styling, It does add great amount of va va voom of  volume to your hair you can add a nice hint of volume or you can go full out so it is very easy to build up the intensity of the volume without getting your hair to stiff like some other products will do. In those areas I am all for this product it does perform wonderfully and I give it an overall B grade.

 Here's why this product didn't get an A:
 This product states it is an anti-aging density spray, but I don't really see the point of it being anti aging. I have used this product for a few weeks now and I experience the great results for my hair styles but I don't see my hair looking any different besides the purpose of volume, shine, subtle hold as a last finishing touch styling product. So I can't really agree with this product when it claims it's a anti-aging product I do loose hair due to medical reasoning's but it's not as much so I am in the wind with this one dolls to be frankly honest with you. I do not see any difference and I can't agree to the claims.  Also the scent of this spray is not appealing to me, I don't like it at all and does linger for awhile but after it passes you don't smell it in the air and in your hair lol.  

 Well dolls overall this product does an amazing job at being an aid in your hair styling  minus those 2 cons I had  spoken about. blowpro does have an extensive collection and their website is super shopper friendly. They have everything broken down into categories that will easily facilitate your shopping experience. So if you want to check out their website just click on the image below to check out  some of their products. 

  Well dolls  let me know if you have tried blowpro products before or an anti aging product for your hair and your thoughts and opinions on those results.

 Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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